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iPhone 3G more expensive than iPhone 3GS in new Globe pricing scheme

After doing a post about the July 31st iPhone 3GS release here in the Philippines, I had a comment on Plurk ask why the 16GB iPhone 3G is more expensive than the 16GB iPhone 3GS.

My first reaction was, “What 16GB iPhone 3G?”

Thinking that my Plurk friend somehow got confused with the iPhone models and pricing, I explained that the 16GB iPhone 3G has been discontinued and only the 8GB iPhone 3G, and the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 3GS will be made available. I based this reply on what Phil Schiller said during the Worldwide Developer Conference held last June 8, 2009.

However, a friend told me that there was something weird with Globe’s iPhone pricing. He mentioned that the question raised was valid. He said that according to Globe’s website, the 16GB iPhone 3G was a matter of fact more expensive than the 16GB iPhone 3GS.

What the…?

Return of the dead

Perplexed, I re-visited the Globe’s iPhone plan webpage. I was amazed to find that Globe has made some changes. I should’ve checked that webpage before posting or at least took the time to re-visit that webpage when the question was first raised.

Globe did change their iPhone plan pricing. I don’t have a screenshot of the first iPhone plan with the two iPhone 3GS models and the 8GB iPhone. Fortunately, this website does have a picture of the original iPhone plan and I used that for comparison.

Mind you, the iPhone 3GS unit prices are still the same, from plan 399 up to plan 4999.

What’s changed is the pricing of the 8GB unit and the addition of the 16GB iPhone 3G model.

Say what?!?

Under the new pricing scheme, the 8GB iPhone is now pricier. Using Plan 399 as the basis for comparison, the price of the 8GB iPhone rose from P25,050 to P32,500, or an increase of P7,450. That puts the 8GB iPhone P1,850 more expensive than the 16GB iPhone 3GS.

Perplexing? That’s not all.

Globe, for reasons unknown, has thrown the 16GB iPhone 3G back into the mix, and now costs P7,800 more than the 16GB iPhone 3GS and P2,200 more than the 32GB iPhone 3GS.

Out with the old, in with the old

What happened here? Lyle speculated that maybe someone screwed while updating Globe’s iPhone webpage. He might be on to something there because when I checked the old iPhone 3G page it shows the exact pricing scheme for the 8Gb and 16GB iPhone 3G units on the updated iPhone 3GS page. Maybe somebody got careless with copy and paste.

However, if this wasn’t a mistake, why in the world would Globe re-introduce an otherwise discontinued product and also increase the price of the supposedly cheapest iPhone? This messes up Apple’s plan for world domination with the “$99 iPhone” (we really don’t have a “$99 iPhone” here. Under the old plan, it’s either a $158 iPhone [plan 1599] or a free iPhone [plan 2199]).

Globe might be deliberately jacking up the prices on iPhone 3G units to sell more iPhone 3GS phones. Maybe there’s some sort of incentive from Apple. Or they figured that they can earn more profit by selling more iPhone 3GS than iPhone 3G.

Then again, maybe someone did make a mistake and that a correction will soon me made before July 15 (when Globe will start accepting reservations) or before July 31. I hope so. If not, I’m sure hope Apple hears about this.


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