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It works! The Apple In-Ear works with the iPhone 3GS

In ear 1

A month after the Apple In-Ear with Remote and Mic came out, I’ve thought of getting it. I considered it as my most ideal set of headphones. I prefer in-ear over regular earphones because it helps block most of the environmental noise i hear when I’m out and about. With regular earphones I have to crank up the volume when I’m listening to podcasts or audiobooks, and that’s not good for my already damaged ears.

The remote lets me control playback and volume while keeping the 2G iPod touch in my pants pocket. The mic is an added plus: it’ll give me the chance to play with iPhone/iPod touch apps that requires a microphone.

But there was a problem. Back when the Apple In-Ear with Remote and Mic came out, Apple indicated that it only worked with the latest iPod touch (second generation) and not with the iPhone 3G. That got me worried because I was already planning my move to the next generation iPhone and I wasn’t sure that the Apple In-Ear was going to work with it. (In retrospect, It was foolish of me to think that Apple would actually make a new product that won’t compatible with an already existing product. Duh me.)

I was going to sell my iPod touch and mobile phone to help offset the cost but keep the In-Ear and use it with the iPhone.

Since I wasn’t sure I decided not to get the Apple In-Ear with Remote and Mic. I didn’t want to take the risk. I did find a Sony MDR-EX85LP at Gaisano Mall. It worked well enough and it was a steal when I got it (at least I think it was).

A few months later, this came out:

iPhone 3GS

I’ve checked out the specs, watched the WWDC ’09 keynote, read all the reviews, and looked at the videos and photos taken with the iPhone 3GS. I like the iPhone 3GS. I think it has most of the things that I need from a smartphone. Since the release of the iPhone 3GS wasn’t simultaneous in all 80 plus countries, I have to wait. During the two week wait, I had a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something.

It was only last night that a thought struck me and I decided to check it out on Apple’s Online Store.

Lo and behold!

iPhone 3GS In Ear

I have confirmation that the Apple In-Ear with Remote and Mic will work with the iPhone 3GS.

Joy! I just might get the in-ear after all.

Still, I have to wait for the announcement from Globe about the iPhone 3GS. Apple indicated during the WWDC ’09 keynote that the new iPhone will hit the Philippines (plus 30 other countries) by July.

So, there’s the waiting, and of course, there’s this:

In ear 3

Ack! The price of geekery.


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