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Update Tuesday: Apple releases OS X 10.5.7, Safari 3.2.3 and 4.0 beta, and OS X 10.4 updates

Apple Tuesday released a slew of updates for their Leopard and Tiger operating systems as well as for their Safari web browser version 3 and 4 beta.

Mac OS 10.5.7

This update is recommended for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of Macs.

Here’s the partial list of updates and fixes:

  • Includes latest security fixes.
  • Includes additional RAW image support for several third-party cameras.
  • Improves performance of video playback and cursor movements for recent Macs with NVIDIA graphics.
  • Improves the reliability and accuracy of Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather and Movies Dashboard widgets.
  • Addresses a situation that may cause issues when logging into Gmail.
  • Improves reliability when syncing contacts with Yahoo!.
  • Improves Finder search results for network volumes that may not support Spotlight searching, such as Mac OS X Server v10.4, Time Capsule, and third-party AFP servers.
  • Includes several improvements to Directory Service and Client Management, which are described in the About Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 Update article.

Also included are updates or fixes for iCal (improves reliability when automatically syncing with MobileMe); Mail (addresses reliability and sync issues with Notes); Parental Controls (improves consistency with Parental Controls and application restrictions); and printing.

For the complete list of updates and fixes check out the Mac OS 10.5.7 Support page.

You can update Mac OS X 10.5.7 by using your Software Update utility or by downloading the standalone installer:

  • Delta update requires you to have 10.5.6 (442MB)
  • Combo update lets you update to 10.5.7 if your operating system is from 10.5 to 10.5.6 (729MB)

Note: Software Update indicated a 286MB download for the 10.5.7 update on my Mac. Your milage may vary.

Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 update improvements include: AFP Server, Directory Services, Mail Service, RADIUS Service, Wiki Service, and more. Check out the Support page for more information.


Safari 3.2.3 is recommended for all Safari users and includes the latest security updates.

Updates are available for Leopard (40MB; requires Mac OS X 10.5.7), Tiger (26.29MB), and Windows XP/Vista (19.69MB).

Safari 4 beta 1 has been updated as well and requires 10.5.7.

Tiger Security Update

Security Update 2009-002 is recommended for all users and improves the security of Mac OS X. Previous security updates have been incorporated into this security update. Update is available for Intel Mac users (165MB) and PPC Mac users (75MB).

Read before installing

Apple has some important reminders for users before installing any update, especially OS updates:

  • Back up your computer prior to installing any updates.
  • Quit any open applications before starting the installation.
  • Do not interrupt the installation process.
  • You may experience unexpected results if you have third-party system software modifications installed, or if you’ve modified the operating system through other means. (This does not apply to normal application software installation.)
  • If issues occur during installation–for example, if Software Update quits unexpectedly–please see this article.

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