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Of market share and accolades

Apple, for the past two weeks, has gotten accolades for their Macs and iPhone and saw an increase in web market share with the help of their iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Consumer Reports [hearts] Macbooks

Apple’s entire MacBook line got top honors in the latest Consumer Reports computer study yet again, according to an AppleInsider article.

The MacBooks and MacBook Pros lead in every laptop size category. In the 13-inch category, the aluminium unibody MacBook takes the gold with a score of 62, MacBook Air takes silver with a score of 60, and the white polycarbonate MacBook takes bronze with a score of 55.

For the 14- to 16-inch category, the MacBook Pro takes top spot scoring a 75, while the the nearest competitor only scored a 64.

The17-inch MacBook Pro won first place with a score of 80 in the 17- to 18-inch category. The second place Windows laptop only got a score of 64.

The rankings were based according to performance, design, versatility, screen quality, and battery life.

The Mac mini and iMac, however, only took second places in the standard desktop category and the all-in-one category, respectively.

Consumer Report also places Apple on top of the list for support services for both portables and desktops. This echoes Forrester’s “Customer Experience Index” report released last month which gave Apple an 80% rating; 14 points above the nearest competitor.

Britain’s got Apple…

…in its top five PC vendors for the first quarter of 2009. Based on Gartner’s April 2009 report, Apple placed fifth on the list with a market share of 4.8%; that’s up 0.5% compared to 2008’s first quarter result.

The iPhone gets honors, too

In JDPower’s “2008 Business Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study“, Apple’s iPhone got top honors, rated as “Among the Best” beating competitors such as HTC, Motorola, Palm, RIM Blackberry, and Samsung.

The study looked at five factors in deciding which smartphone was the best. In order of importance, the five factors are: ease of operation, operating system, physical design, handset features, and battery aspects.

The iPhone received an overall smartphone customer satisfaction score of 778 out of 1,000. It garnered perfect scores in all factors except one: battery life. Second place RIM Blackberry got 703 and Samsung, 701.

iPod touch triples web market share in five months

According to an April 2009  Net Applications report, Apple’s iPod touch garnered 0.15% of web market share. Might not seem much but when compared to the 0.05% market share last November, last month’s 0.15% represents a threefold increase for the multi-touch-based iPod.

For the iPhone the period between November 2008 and April 2009 resulted in an increase of 0.18%; from 0.37% to 0.55%.

When combined, both iPhone and iPod touch give Apple the largest share in the mobile web space.

However, things are different in the desktop/laptop space. The Cupertino company saw a slight dip in web market share from last month’s figures. Mac OS figures fell 0.04% from March’s 9.77% to April’s 9.73%.

Windows has it worse though; shares dropped from March’s 88.14% to April’s 87.90%, and when compared to last June 2008’s results, last month’s figures represents a fall of almost 3% in web market share.

AppleInsider does tell readers that the numbers doesn’t directly translate to actual unit market share and can be swayed by usage patterns.”

Last but not the least…

MacDailyNews reports that Vitrue, a social media marketing company, has released its ranking of the top 100 social media brands of 2008, and Apple has managed to place itself four times on the top 20. Macs are placed #16, the iPod on #7, Apple as a company third, and on first place is the iPhone. According to Vitrue the list:

comprises a mix of blue-chip brands that Vitrue deems to be successfully establishing their social presence and commanding attention and engagement online.


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