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Installing Windows 7 for free

You might have heard about Microsoft’s latest-soon-to-be-released OS, Windows 7, and you might have heard from some of your Windows-using friends saying that Windows 7 is so very nice and so probably better than Vista and Mac OS X.

Now here’s your chance to try out Windows 7 to find out whether it is better than Leopard, and it won’t cost you a centavo (except for electricity and internet costs, of course).

The Unofficial Apple Webblog posted a tip on how to install and run Windows 7 RC 1 for free on your Intel-based Mac.

There are two options: use Apple’s Boot Camp or run Sun’s Virtual Box.

Boot Camp comes free with Leopard. VirtualBox costs $0. Zero as in nil, nada, zip! The latest version of VirtualBox (version 2.1.2) lets Windows 7 work out of the box.

The post links to The Fat Bloke Sings blog which has a tutorial on how to install Windows 7 on VirtualBox.

The latest Windows 7 release candidate can be downloaded (again, for free) and will work until June 1, 2010. The download is about 2.4GB big.

We’ve been having problems with GlobeDSL for almost three months now. I haven’t yet completed the registration process. I’m downloading Windows 7 RC1 through torrent.

I’ll probably have Windows 7 up and running on Sun’s Virtual Box by the end of the week. I hope my iMac can handle it. It is after all almost five years old.


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