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Apple profit up for second fiscal quarter 2009

Apple reported $1.21 billion in earnings for their second fiscal quarter which ended on March 28, 2009, beating estimates. With a revenue of $8.16 billion, it’s the best non-holiday quarter in the company’s history. Apple has $28.9 billion in cash, up from $28.1 billion from last quarter.

Highlights from the conference call:

  • 2.216 million Macs sold with $2.9 billion in revenue, down 3% year-over-year for units shipped. Portables accounted for 63% of sales (1,398,000 units) while desktops accounted for the rest (818,000). Mac sales shrank less compared to rest of the industry (3% vs 7%).
  • 3.793 million iPhones sold producing $1.521 billion in revenue. An increase of 123% in terms of units sold and up 302% in revenue.
  • 11.013 million iPods sold resulting in $1.665 billion in revenue, up 3% year-over-year for items shipped but down 8% in revenue. iPod touch considered as a “runaway hit”.
  • iPhone + iPod touch represents 37 million units in total for OS X iPhone devices.
  • Apple retail generated  $1.471 billion in revenue, 15% decline in both units and revenue from last quarter. Year-over-year, 4% decrease in sales but 1% increase in revenue.
  • Macworld’s graphs compare Mac and iPod revenue and units sold for every quarter since 2006.

Apple expects revenues for the next fiscal quarter to be between $7.7 to $7.9 billion. Apple expects NAND flash prices to go up but component pricing is still favorable.

Steve Jobs is still expected to return by the end of June.

[From AppleInsider]


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