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Mac OS 10.5.5 is out

Apple just released the latest update to their latest operating system, Leopard. Mac OS 10.5.5 includes hundreds of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Intel version is 321 MB big and I read on Twitter the Combo update is 500+MB.

For a detailed description of what’s new under the hood go to AppleInsider.

Fire up Software Update to get the latest Mac OS X 10.5 version. Requires a restart.


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11 things you didn’t know about the new iPods

iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz lists down 11 things that you should know about the new iPod line introduced during the September 9 event.

The article mentions stuff like the new Genius software, the accelerometer in the nano, the built-in Nike+ sensor, crossfading, radio, games, and audio recording.

Head on to iLounge to know more.

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iTunes 8

At the Let’s Rock event held on September 9, 2008 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, Apple unveiled their latest iPod line up and iTunes version 8. This latest version of iTunes can be downloaded from Apple’s website or through the software update utility though Vista users have experienced issues after installing iTunes 8.

Version 8 introduces iTunes Genius and grid view. Genius basically is a feature that let’s you pick a song and upon hitting the Genius button, iTunes will create a playlist that has the same attributes with the song that you chose. This can let you rediscover ‘hidden’ songs or songs you haven’t listened to for awhile. Downside is if you have a small library the Genius playlist won’t seem so smart.

iTunes 8 also has the Genius sidebar on the right side which recommends songs that you don’t have in your library so that you can purchase them from the iTunes Store.

The other new major feature is the addition of the grid view. You can view your collection by their album art (if present) and let’s you arrange them by album, artist, genre, and composers. You can adjust the size of the icon with a slider on the upper right corner. This is also a good way to find songs or podcasts that you may want to delete from your library.

The one added feature I am most thankful for is the ability to automatically download recent episodes of podcasts that I listen to most often. It used to be an all or nothing option. Now, each new episode is download automatically when before I had to manually click the ‘Get’ button each and every time a new episode is available.

For more on iTunes 8 you can read iLounge’s Instant Expert: Secrets and Features of iTunes 8 and Macworld’s iTunes 8 review.

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Product transition and the September 9 event

I think one of the ‘product transition’ Apple’s CFO was referring to could be the shift away from hard drive-based iPods to solid state-based memory. That means the iPod classic will be remembered fondly as the iPod nano and iPod touch take center stage. Remember that when the iPods were first introduced they only came in 5 and 10 GB.

The 8GB iPod nano will cost much less to further penetrate the market worldwide. It will be priced at $99, 16GB at $149. The iPod touch will replace the iPod classic and will come in at $249 for the 16GB. $349 for the 32GB and $449 for the 64GB.

The click wheel won’t be missed. It will live on with the iPod nano but Apple is shifting away from the less capable, small screen nano to the PDA-like iPod touch. I just hope that they’ll add bluetooth this time. I wish Steve Jobs has the same aversion to wires as he has with buttons.

The iPod shuffle you say? 4GB at the same price. Same form factor. No sense in putting in a screen. But the bigger capacity will make it more challenging to ‘browse’ through your music selection. It’s hell to use when listening to podcasts.

So on September 9, the classic will be out; the touch will rule.

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