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The iPod Touch v2.0 brouhaha

July 11 was a momentous day.

It was the release of the iPhone 3G, launching of the App Store and MobileMe, and the release of the iPhone (as well as iPod touch) 2.0 firmware.

The 2.0 firmware will allow first generation iPhone and iPod touch users to install applications from the App Store. (See how everything tied in together?)

There was a downside to the upgrade: iPhone users get it for free; iPod touch users have to shell out $10. Why the upgrade fee? Apple said it was for accounting purposes.

Fine. We don’t want anybody breaking the law now do we?

For those who were on the fence about whether to get the iPod touch or not, the ability to install apps probably pushed some over in deciding to get the less-capable cousin of the iPhone.

For me, I’m still torn on whether to get the iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch. But I thought that if I were to get the iPod touch instead (because for some reason or another the iPhone just doesn’t cut it), I was going to wait for the stock of iPod touches with the version 2.0 firmware installed. I’m not going to pay anymore than I ought to.


It’s been almost a month since the 2.0 firmware was made available. And I’ve been itching ever since. I just need to try out those apps.

Mind you, I’m still choosing from among the three (iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod touch) but I thought the fastest and easiest way I can start using the apps was by getting the iPod touch.

By now, iPod touches on store shelves should have the 2.0 firmware, right?


Macworld contributor, Jeffery Battersby, writes about the iPod touch he bought on July 31, more than two weeks after the 2.0 update, still had the 1.1.4 firmware, and how he tried (unsuccessfully) to have it upgraded without having to pay $10.

Apple has been tripping and stumbling ever since July 11.

It’s like someone pulled Apple’s pants down and pushed them onto the stage. With the spotlight trained on them and the audience watching intently, Apple still couldn’t pull their pants back up because they still have their hands full with the MobileMe mess and iPhone releases.

Bad show, Apple. Bad show.


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