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Pre-Leopard installation: compatible third-party apps

I’m expecting to get my copy of Leopard tomorrow and I’m going to install it into my 12″ Powerbook as soon as I am able. I’ll blog the entire process of upgrading to 10.5 and what happens after. I’m doing a clean install and so I don’t expect to run into any problems. The difficult part would be putting back the files from my backup.

My excitement in using the new OS is matched by my apprehension on what will happen to some of the third-party apps that I am using. There has been reports of problems encountered when running a third-party app not compatible with Leopard.

So my first account into installing Leopard is to find out which of my most often used applications are or aren’t compatible with Leopard.

Here’s the list of the applications:

  • Adium: version 1.1.4 addresses almost all of the Leopard-related issues.
  • Twitterific: version 3.0 has an issue where changing Logins may cause it to hang under Leopard.
  • iStat menu: version 1.2 addresses some Leopard issues.
  • Microsoft Office: version 11.3.9 fixes the problem of Word quitting unexpectedly when printing a document.
  • Grand Perspective: No word yet. Last update was on July 24, 2007.
  • Onyx: Website only says compatible with Tiger.
  • WhatSize: Last update was on June 2007. No announcement yet regarding Leopard compatibility
  • Audacity: Still no word from the group on whether Audacity is stable under Leopard or not.
  • ImageWell: A free image editor. Now compatible with Leopard.
  • Aurora: An application that makes my iMac into a very expensive alarm clock and countdown timer. This lets me play a podcast while I go to bed and Aurora stops the podcast after a specific amount of time. It can also put your Mac to sleep.
  • Little Snitch: Firewalls keep things from coming in but what’s keeping things from going out. Little Snitch monitors stuff your applications are sending out and warns you if an application is trying to connect to the net without your consent. A must have.
  • Tinkertool: version 3.8 now supports Leopard and has added the ability to disable Leoaprd 3D Dock appearance. Free download available.

I will update the list as needed. Little Snitch is ready for Leopard.

For a more comprehensive list of what’s compatible and what’s not, go to Dommy’s World. Last update was on November 6.

UPDATE: Added ImageWell


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