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More raves for Leopard

Eric Benderoff, Chicago Tribune: “Leopard upgrade helps polish any Apple

So to me, and millions of other Mac users, the real question is whether upgrading to Leopard will make my humble little iBook better. The answer: Yes.

Joe Hutsko, MSNBC, “Feature-rich Leopard will wow Mac users

The users who will be most impressed with Leopard are those new buyers saying goodbye to Windows and hello to Mac for the first time. For the rest of us, Leopard’s sum of parts adds up to an even better experience with an already excellent operating system.

Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle, New Mac OS is apple of my eye

As you use Leopard, you’ll find which of those 300 features fit the way you work, communicate or play. As I’ve played with it, I’m constantly being surprised by smart, useful and convenient touches. It is a pleasure to use.

…Leopard’s a winner. If you’re a Mac user, you will want this on your computer.

If you’re a Windows user who’s been tempted by the Mac, I’m not sure there’s much here to add to the siren song you’re already hearing. But if you make the leap, there’s a lot in Leopard to make you glad you did.

Chris Dannen, Fast Company, Apple’s Leopard, First Take

Leopard’s salient improvements will trickle down to the next version of Windows, as well as the next round of cell phones, public computing systems, and handhelds. As more companies look to Apple for copycat material, more of what makes the Mac OS great will improve computing on the whole. Apple may have only 6% market share, but it’s safe to bet that whether or not you intend to, you’ll eventually be loving something about Leopard. So save yourself some time, give in, and try it now.

Tom Yager, InfoWorld, Apple OS X Leopard: A beautiful upgrade

Leopard is a legitimately big deal. It’s underhyped compared to iPhone, and yet unlike iPhone, Leopard is a genuine triumph of customer-focused engineering. It’s a pleasure and a relief to see that Apple remembers how to deliver open, affordable, standards-based products. There probably won’t be lines around the block at Apple retail stores for people who can’t wait to get their hands on Leopard. If they had been using Leopard as long as developers have, Apple wouldn’t be able to stamp Leopard DVDs fast enough.


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