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Leopard: a week later

It has been a little more than a week since Leopard was released and Mac related websites have posted their first impressions and reviews. Some sites also did a mini-review of most of the touted features in Leopard such as Time Machine, Finder, Mail, iChat, etc. Below is a list of a few of the sites that have done a full review of Leopard as well as the review of features. If you are still undecided whether to upgrade to Leopard or not, maybe these articles can help you by looking at the features and see if they are enough to push you to get Mac OS 10.5.

Macworld has their own Leopard page when you can find their full review as well as their Inside Leopard series. There are also links to podcasts and video podcasts, and news about Leopard.

Another very good resource for all things Leopard is the review series by Prince McLean of AppleInsider. The series started with an overall introduction into the new features and what’s new with the Desktop. McLean continues the series with discussions on Mail and iCal, Address Book and iChat, Core Graphics and the new UI, and Developer Tools. The final installment of the series looks at the value of the previous versions of Mac OS X and what lies ahead for the operating system.

While Macworld and AppleInsider seem to be wrapping things up, MacNN just got started. Jon Fingas started the review series with a look at Finder and Desktop. Somewhat expect, the major issued raised was the translucent menu bar. Some people can’t seem to get over it. Overall, Fingas was positive about the Finder and Desktop. It wouldn’t be much of a Leopard review without a discussion on Time Machine. The third installment was an iChat review. Galen Wood wrote the fourth installment about Dashboard, Dashcode, and Front Row.

Don Reisinger’s The Digital Home blog also covered Leopard from first impressions after installing, to discussing Time Machine, Finder, Spaces, and Mail. Reisinger gives each feature high marks. You can also checked out his blog for more tech and gadgets for the home.

A couple more reviews will trickle in the next few days but the initial excitement will slowly fade to be replaced by more practical matters such as bugs and compatibility issues with third-party software and hardware. I’ll try to stay on top of the matter since I, too, have an interest in knowing what things need to be fixed since I’m about to stick the new cat into my Macs.


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