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Unsanity cries foul in being blamed for BSODs

In one of my posts I said that Apple has already acknowledged that some users were encountering problems with their upgrade and it’s been attributed application enhancers. Though Apple didn’t specify a single software, most agree that the software would most probably be APE or Application Enhancer from Unsanity. However, according to a Macworld UK article, Unsanity has denied that their application-enhancement framework were the ones behind the blue screens of death. Unsanity calls the fix by a user named of Chris Mcculloh as “bunk.” Unsanity is seething to say the least. Rosyna Keller of Unsanity said:

“No one, not even the original poster from the Apple thread, bothered to check if the commands did anything. So I’m not really sure how anyone originally attached this problem to APE other than the standard ‘blame APE for everything’ mantra.”

Aside from the blue screen of death issue, some other less severe issues were encountered by some users. These include problems with Wi-Fi connection and user logins, and password changes in FileVault.

It’s not only the software or applications that are having issues. There are reports of iMacs freezing or the screen shutting down. These video problems seem to have been traced to the ATI Radeon graphics chips found in newer iMacs. Apple has acknowledged this problem.


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