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Mac OS 10.5 reviews

IT Business (Jason Snell)

So are 300-plus new features worth $129? That answer will vary, because no single user will ever take advantage of all — or maybe even half — of those 300 features. But given the impressive value of Time Machine and improvements to existing programs such as iCal, iChat, Mail, and the Finder, most active Mac users will find more than enough reasons to consider that upgrade cost money well spent. Despite a few interface missteps, particularly when it comes the menu bar and the Dock, Leopard is an upgrade that roars.

Guardian Unlimited (Fraser Speirs)

Leopard is going to be a great release. In my opinion, Time Machine is going to be a great stealth hit. Milllions of users will turn it on, forget it and one day be very grateful that it has been sitting in the background keeping their files safe all the while.

I love the improvements to the Finder and predict that I’ll be addicted to Quick Look within an hour of switching to Leopard.

As a Mac programmer, though, I can tell you that there are a ton of things built in to Leopard for programmers to play with; Core Animation is just the start. You won’t notice these improvements today, but in the long run, you’ll start to see great things happening on your Leopard-running Mac.

CNet (Elsa Wenzel)

Elegant backup via Time Machine; Finder offers powerful navigation tweaks; novel workspace customization through Spaces’ virtual desktops; integration with Web data and applications; Cover Flow visualizes file browsing; iChat Theater offers green-screen backgrounds and lets users access each others’ desktops; Bootcamp included.

The grace of Leopard’s interface enhancements makes productivity more pleasurable with a Mac, as more than 300 functional and fun features top off this update.

USA Today (Edward C. Baig)

Automatic Time Machine backups (with optional hard drive), Cover Flow view in Finder. Dressed-up e-mail. Cool iChat effects and ability to share slide shows and presentations. Boot Camp. Spaces and Stacks keep desktop tidy. These and other features should satisfy new and old Mac fans. Leopard is one cool cat.

InfoWorld (Tom Yager)

Leopard is beautiful, not merely in appearance but in design, all the way down to its certified Unix core. Apple has reworked OS X to jump the many hurdles required to bear the Unix trademark.

Leopard is a legitimately big deal. Leopard is a genuine triumph of customer-focused engineering. It’s a pleasure and a relief to see that Apple remembers how to deliver open, affordable, standards-based products.

Dallas News (Jim Rossman)

Leopard is a nice improvement on the Mac environment. It’s got enough stuff to almost make you feel as though you have a new computer.


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