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Leopard installation problems: blue screen [SOLVED]

I’ve been anticipating stories about Leopard install problems because I am thinking of upgrading my 4 year old Powerbook to Mac OS 10.5 soon. The first story I ran across with installation issues was from itsALLmac.com which was quickly resolved. Another issue is now being reported. This happens after a no-frills installation and after the Mac reboots, it would get stuck with a blue screen. Rebooting the Mac doesn’t help. It sound very much like what happened at itsALLmac.com. However, Silver Mac, who reported this issue has traced the problem back to applications that load on start-up and then freezes the system. In most cases, the culprit is Unsanity’s Application Enhancer (specifically Clear Dock).

Silver Mac’s advice for those who are about to upgrade to Leopard is to remove Clear Dock (why not just remove the entire Application Enhancer just to be sure). With those who weren’t able to uninstall Clear Dock and already are in the frozen blue screen, Silver Mac’s posted a solution. This is assuming that the poor guy has another Mac to use to find the solution.

Unsanity issued an advisory urging their users to upgrade Application Enhancer or APE to 2.0.3 or later before installing Leopard. If you don’t upgrade APE you might experience the following after booting your Mac:

  • Your goldfish may die.
  • A strange dog might bite you on the street.
  • A friend may punch you.
  • Your computer may catch fire.
  • Your loved one may leave you.

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