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I’m back… and I’m pissed!

My friend commented that I have been gone from blogging for quite a bit now. I have been a bit busy with the teaching stint I have with the new medical transcription school here in Davao.

Why did I start blogging again now after almost a month of inactivity? Because I’m @#&%$!

Apple just upgraded the Mac mini. The Mac mini posts speed upgrades in both models with both sporting Core Duo processors. The price remains unchanged. The 1.66 GHz up from 1.5 GHz costs $599. The old 1.66 GHz is up to 1.83 and costs $799.

What has got me all riled up is not the Mac minis but the damned iMacs! I recently bought a 17-inch iMac a few months ago. At the back of my mind I knew that anytime after a few months after I got the iMac, Apple’s going to up it. I chose to follow some Mac users advice: buy what you need now even though you know that a few months later that unit’s going to obsolete. It’s the moment of getting the unit and using that’s priceless. The cursing and gnashing of teeth comes later on.

For me, the gnashing of teeth and cursing starts right now.

Not only did Apple upgrade the Mac mini yesterday, they also introduce a whole new line of iMacs. I mean, they did not just do a speed bump, they introduce a line of iMacs with new and faster chips! To top it off, they also introduce a bigger (and yummier) iMac, the 24-incher.

If this is so yummy, what’s got me ticked off? It’s because with the 24-inch iMac, Apple did a price drop on the 17-inch iMac. So not only is the 17-inch iMac faster with the new Core 2 Duo chips, it’s also cheaper by $200! The low-end iMac now starts at $999. I bought mine at around $1400.

I’m so flabbergasted that I can’t even find the silver lining behind the damned upgrades. I don’t even care about the damned September 12 event.

I need a day or two to calm down before I can start to look into the new iMacs and Mac minis. In the meantime I’m going to simmer for a while.



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