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I’m back redux

Had a comment from one of my friends, Jon, in my post “I’m back and I’m pissed!:

“nice to have you back, p**sed as you are. i guess that’s better than silence!”

After a long hiatus, it was Jon who actually made me go back in blogging again. It was when he came to where I was working to ask about how to work his new iBook he remarked, “You’re not blogging anymore.” This surprised. I actually had someone who would checks my blog every now and then. It felt good.

So to Jon: Thanks. I feel honored by the fact that you take time to visit my blog and check out what’s new. Even though there’s just one person who checks out my blog, I feel it’s enough reason to go on blogging. Again, thank you, Jon.


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Google + Apple = Gapple? Gopple?

Ok, ok. The title’s pretty crummy but the news that the CEO of Google has joined Apple’s Board of Directors. When you hear a news like this, speculations abound. One of the most resounding speculation was that Apple and Google will merge. For what? To create the ultimate web OS? Maybe not. What if Apple saw Google’s foray into the free wifi initiative as a potential for ka-ching! How?

Think about this. Rumors abound of the “Wireless iPod” coming soon. What’s the point? Now imagine Google’s push into giving free wifi to the entire United States. If there’s an Apple and Google collaboration, imagine an American walking along the street and a long forgotten song suddenly pops into mind after hearing a cat meowing and a door slamming at the same time. What to do? He doesn’t want to forget that song again. He wants to know whether he can get that song NOW.

He whips out his wiPod (Get it? Wifi + iPod?) and is instantly connected to the iTMMS (iTunes Music and Movie Store) using Googles extensive network of free and available wifi. He finds the song and downloads it to his wiPod, all within two minutes. Oops. He forgot to watch last night’s episode of “Lost and then Found.” He has time to kill during his commute. Click, scroll, click. Downloading while sipping a Google cafe latte he bought from Googlebucks (or StarGoogle). Five to ten minutes he’s done. He walks away happy, sipping his latte, knowing that Apple’s proprietary wireless technology and DRM has just made his day.

Weird vision of the future. Maybe. But why else would Apple drag in a Google CEO into its boardroom? well, yeah. There’s that thing about tweaking Microsoft’s nose. I mean, Apple IS in the offensive here (ever watched the latest “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads?). Then again, Microsoft being the big, lumbering behemoth that it is might not actually get it. Maybe Schidmt (Google’s CEO) ought to start throwing stones into Microsoft’s face to get its attention.

Wow. Imagine. With a wiPod in your hand, you can download a song (or TV show or movie) anywhere. That is, as long as anywhere is in the US of A.

But I have problems with this vision of mine. Number one: will Apple actually disenfranchise the millions of its non-US customers by offering a product that has a feature that can only be used in the US? Then again, maybe Google can provide free wifi to the entire world. NOT! Number two: it sucks… battery. No way can a device with wireless capabilities be of much use for more than six hours a day. I don’t like that. That’s why I don’t like the idea of MP3-phones. You suck the battery dry and miss that very important call (I learned my lesson in having my cellphone with me all the time). Unless Apple can create an ultra-low powered chip for wireless, then forget about the wiPod (There is news that a former-Apple employee has joined a battery company). Number three: has Google even started with their free wifi? Nope.

So there you are; a view of the future that is as uninteresting as watching some eat a brocolli Unless it’s Carmen Electra. I could probably watch her sip water the whole day.

Why even bother writing this stuff down? It’s because this thought occured while listening to a podcast (I don’t remember whether it was the Tech Night Owl Live or Macworld or The MacObserver Roundup) and as it usually goes, interesting things pop into my brain as I head to the bathroom and while I take a shower. Also, a SMB Strong Ice helps me write such a long and boring post with conviction.

That’s about it. Gaaah!

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Cold water causes stomach cancer!

That’s right. According to a local OBGyn, she told me sister-in-law that drinking cold water causes cancer and she advocates drinking tea, coffee, or warm water.

Of course, the truthseeker that I am, I perused the great tomes of antiquity and dedicated hours of research into the subject. Well, not actually. I just fired up Google after I wrote the first paragraph and after 30 seconds I can confidently say that the OBGyn is an idiot and I afraid for all the people who goes to her for consult.

I googled “cold water stomach cancer.” Lo! and behold Snopes.com showed up as a potential source that would help shine a light into the murky depths of stupidity some people show.

So from Snopes.com:

“Claim: Drinking cold water after meals will lead to cancer.

Status: False.

…Over the years, decades, and even centuries, a variety of things have been pointed to as causing cancer. Once, when it was noted that there had been an increase in the consumption of tomatoes and an increase in the number of cancer patients, the erroneous conclusion was drawn from this correlation that tomatoes in some fashion caused or induced cancer…

If that now seems laughable, consider that to this day cancer continues to attract a number of misconceptions, and not just about its potential causes. In 2005 the American Cancer Society conducted a telephone survey of 957 adult Americans who had never had cancer, asking each of them about five common fallacies about the disease. Of the participants, nearly 41 percent believed surgeries to remove cancer actually caused the disease to spread, and another 13 percent weren’t sure whether that was true or not. 27 percent of those surveyed believed the medical industry was withholding from the public a cure for cancer just to increase profits, and another 14 percent weren’t sure but thought they might be. 19 percent believed pain medications were ineffective against cancer pain (with a further 13 percent unsure), and 7 percent thought the disease was an illness that could not be effectively treated. Finally, 5 percent of those taking part in the survey believed that all that was needed to beat the Big C was a positive attitude.

…the Internet the advice to “drink water at room temperature if possible, as ice-cold water can harm the delicate lining of your stomach.” If the lining of the human stomach were that delicate, our tummies would not long survive their being constantly bathed in highly caustic digestive acids.”

By no means is Snopes.com THE authority when it comes to medical science. I do, however, trust some of the web authors (Barbara and David P. Mikkelson) of this site when it comes to their desire to find and expose the truth.

So drinking cold water has very much the same status as cellular phones causing explosions in gas stations. Both are false.

As to the OBGyn who seems to think she’s the authority when it comes to cold water and cancer, I sure won’t advice anybody I know to see her for consult. Who knows what other crazy things she has up her sleeve, like the earth is flat and that it was made in 4 days or that when somebody dies it’s actually some higher being’s will. A lot of people actually buy into the latter. If you ask me, this is just some excuse for some doctors not to get sued. “I pray to (insert diety here) all the time. Your (relative, love one, friend) died because (diety) willed it. (Diety) definitely won’t let anyone die while I operate on him, will He/She?”

Another story about another OBGyn here is that this physician did an ultrasound and diagnosed polycystic kidney disease and gave her medication. The patient bled often and the OBGyn just said, “That’s just a side effect of the drug. It’s normal.” The patient had the right mind to get a second opinion in St. Luke’s and she was diagnosed with adenomyosis of which the medication the previous OBGyn gave made things worse.

Perhaps these things is just one the reasons why I’m not so hellbent in pursuing my medical career. I honestly can’t deal with people who are supposed to intelligent and yet accept the world being made in 3 to 4 days as fact and that evolution is a name of a car.


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I’m back… and I’m pissed!

My friend commented that I have been gone from blogging for quite a bit now. I have been a bit busy with the teaching stint I have with the new medical transcription school here in Davao.

Why did I start blogging again now after almost a month of inactivity? Because I’m @#&%$!

Apple just upgraded the Mac mini. The Mac mini posts speed upgrades in both models with both sporting Core Duo processors. The price remains unchanged. The 1.66 GHz up from 1.5 GHz costs $599. The old 1.66 GHz is up to 1.83 and costs $799.

What has got me all riled up is not the Mac minis but the damned iMacs! I recently bought a 17-inch iMac a few months ago. At the back of my mind I knew that anytime after a few months after I got the iMac, Apple’s going to up it. I chose to follow some Mac users advice: buy what you need now even though you know that a few months later that unit’s going to obsolete. It’s the moment of getting the unit and using that’s priceless. The cursing and gnashing of teeth comes later on.

For me, the gnashing of teeth and cursing starts right now.

Not only did Apple upgrade the Mac mini yesterday, they also introduce a whole new line of iMacs. I mean, they did not just do a speed bump, they introduce a line of iMacs with new and faster chips! To top it off, they also introduce a bigger (and yummier) iMac, the 24-incher.

If this is so yummy, what’s got me ticked off? It’s because with the 24-inch iMac, Apple did a price drop on the 17-inch iMac. So not only is the 17-inch iMac faster with the new Core 2 Duo chips, it’s also cheaper by $200! The low-end iMac now starts at $999. I bought mine at around $1400.

I’m so flabbergasted that I can’t even find the silver lining behind the damned upgrades. I don’t even care about the damned September 12 event.

I need a day or two to calm down before I can start to look into the new iMacs and Mac minis. In the meantime I’m going to simmer for a while.


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On July 21, I moved my blog to its own server.

So www.davaomacuser.com no longer points to davaomacuser.wordpress.com.

I've already got a few new posts over there so please join me at www.davaomacuser.com.

See you there. Thanks!

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