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Screen your URL… or else.

A website has listed ten of the worst URL mistakes in the web. These are:

1. http://www.whorepresents.com
2. http://www.expertsexchange.com
3. http://www.penisland.net
4. http://www.therapistfinder.com
5. http://www.powergenitalia.com
6. http://www.molestationnursery.com
7. http://www.ipanywhere.com
8. http://www.cummingfirst.com
9. http://www.speedofart.com
10. http://www.gotahoe.com

Go to In principio erat Verbum to see the companies behind the URLs. Better yet, just go directly to the company’s website.


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Thoughts about Boot Camp from boot camp.

It’s just one of those moments I have everyday. Random thoughts that run through my head while I’m doing something mundane like having lunch, malling, or driving (dangerous, I know). More often than not, the things that fill up my head are just silly, crazy things. There are rare instances though that some of my play-thinking comes up with a wonderfully fascinating idea. These ideas makes me go “Woah!” but without anything to record it with, they sometimes just fade away like fog as the sun comes up.

An idea that sort of stuck for the past few days is one that occurred to me while as was headed to the training center in Buendia. I was in Manila last week for traning as a medical lecturer in a soon to be opened medical transcription school here in Davao. I was commuting then and I can’t exactly remember where I was when I had that wonderful thought. I was most probably in in the MRT.

The idea that came to me was about Windows running on Macs. The whole Windows-in-a-Mac frenzy started when a contest was announced wherein anybody who can make Windows run on a Mac can win $14,000. After a couple of weeks, somebody won and Windows can now be installed in a Mac. However, a week or two after the contest was won, Apple surprised the hackers and the Apple fan community in general when they released Boot Camp beta. Apple was then recognized to be unofficially supporting Windows on their Macs. They did disclaim that Boot Camp was beta and they will never offer any technical support for Windows. You have Microsoft for that.

Then a few weeks later, Parallels offered their beta virtualization software that will run Windows on top of the Mac OS X environment. Consumers now have two ways to run Windows on their Intel Macs: dual-boot or virtualize.

Boot camp was seen as a preview on the virtualization capability of Apple’s next OS, Leopard. Apple just wanted to test the waters to see how people would react to making Windows run on Macs.

Then a few weeks back, something strange happened. When Apple was touting that their machines can run Windows, they had Boot Camp as their main arsenal. However, when Parallels offically released Parallels Desktop for Mac, Apple changed their preference from Boot Camp to Parallels Desktop for Mac as the solution for running Windows on Macs. This seemed to be a stab to the idea of Tiger ever doing virtualization. To stick the knife even deeper, Paul Schiller, Apple’s VP, stated that Apple was not into virtualization; dual boot is the way to go for them.

So, Tiger won’t have virtualization. End of story.

Well, for me it’s not.

The thought that came to me was that Apple will not offer the Windows-on-top-of-Mac solution but instead will offer the ability to fast-switch between Mac and Windows. Users will be able to swtich between the two OSes without having to reboot and both operating systems will probably run at 90% or better speeds. As oppposed to a much lower number when running Parallels.

Tiger will allow users to fast-switch between Tiger and XP (or Vista. If it ever comes out) and both operating systems will run fast. 3D games running under XP will run normally, utilizing the graphics card for all its worth. Downside is not being able to share files easily. But if Apple is considering this method, I would think that they will be able to do something about the incompatible file formats between Tiger and Windows. I mean, there are third-party softwares out there that allows Windows users to read and write in HFS, so why can’t Apple make this kind of capability built-in in whatever solution they have for fast-switching between the OSes. Maybe they’ll name it “Fast Switch”. Naaah. That sounds corny.

That’s about it. My moment in the MRT.

(If you want to know more about your options in running Windows on a Mac, go to Apple Matters’ review on the Three Ways to Run Windows on a Mac.)

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Ta Tah!

I’m off to Manila in a few minutes for training. Won’t be able to surf, check my email, or post for about 6 days. I’m going to see if I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms.

Ta Tah!

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Sunday Breakfast ritual for July 9, 2006. White iPod earphones count: 3

It’s Sunday again and time for my Sunday Breakfast ritual. I don’t remember when this started but for almost a year now I’ve been having breakfast at McDonald’s at an average of two Sundays per month. I always order the same thing: two pieces of pancakes and hot choco or coffee.

I don’t know why I started doing this. One reason could be to watch the people having breakfast there. The anti-social that I am, I do get that occassional urge to be around people every now and then. Before I can get my pancakes though I am subjected to one of my pet peeves: queues. I think there should be another item added to the things that are a constant in life: death, taxes and lines. Then again, I’m just impatient and I admit it.

However, these little annoyances in my life are made bearable by my iPod and by podcasts. I get to tune out the world and at the same time not mind the time I am wasting in queues because I am not wasting any time; I’m listening to podcasts.

(This has become a rant. I apologize. It is perhaps I haven’t written anything on this blog for a long time. I miss writing but I’ve been reluctant lately since I don’t see the point in keeping a blog because I don’t even have an audience, ergo, I’m just wasting my time. However, aside from being an impatient dick, I am also a procrastinator. I am supposed to be packing my stuff but I find that chore to be of huge importance. Hence, I am avoiding it by blogging. I’m such an ass.)

To continue.

I used to wake up at 7AM so as to avoid long queues but that makes my people watching (or oogling) much less satisfying since people are still in their churches at that time. Things are more interesting after 8AM but the lines are longer and seats more difficult to find. Oogling, I can now recognize familiar faces; people who have the same ritual as I do.

One of the things that I try to keep an eye out for is how many people have the iconic white earbuds stuck in their ears. For today, I counted three excluding me. Two had nanos, the other I didn’t see. I smiled to myself thinking that about a year ago, seeing the white earbuds is a rare event. I guess Apple is making inroads into the minds of the Davao consumer and I laud them for that. Next step is for these people to own a Mac if they don’t have one yet. Though I do see more and more Mac portables in Davao Wi-Fi hotspots. I hope the trend continues and maybe in two years Macs will comprise 1% of the market here in Davao.

End of my rant. Time to pack.

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Back to Dial-up again

Well, I guess you get low quality service for the low price that you pay. Then again, perhaps it’s not PISOlutions’s fault. The marine cable that is connects them to Globe has been cut. I’m told that the entire Visayas and Mindanao is affected. The problem is probably true since Globe, who also is a cellular provider, had disruptions in their cellular services last Sunday and Monday. When it rains it pours for me.

So I’m back to dial-up and ironically, I am doing more at this speed as compared to when I was connected to PISOlutions “DSL” service. It’s just annoying that I can’t use my iMac for dial-up since it has no modem port and I can’t use my Powerbook for extended periods of time since I don’t have a power adapter.

I might order my power adapter in the US along with the 2GB memory upgrade for my iMac but I still have to make sure that I have the moolah.

That’s it for now. My battery’s on the red.

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The Black Macbook is Hot!


I finally had the chance to get my hands on a Macbook, a black Macbook. It’s probably because that I’ve read too much about the Macbooks in the net that when I finally saw one I was underwhelmed. I must admit that the display looks nice with the glossy screen. The colors are more vibrant and more crisp. The screen size is nice, bigger than my Powerbook. I didn’t have much experience using the keyboard but while I was using it, it didn’t feel any different. I guess that’s a good thing.

When I saw it, it had five Quicktime screens open but they weren’t playing. I looped playback all screens and played with Expose. I was impressed. There was no lagging. I then opened four Finder windows and Photobooth and played with Expose again. Wow! It was all smooth. No lag or sputtering. Nice. And it’s just on a 512MB RAM.

I then felt that I’ve played enough and was ready to leave when I remembered to see how much it weighed. I picked it up and noticed that it probably was as heavy as my Powerbook but as I moved my hand under the Macbook… Ow! It was hot. Very hot. Much hotter than my Powerbook gets. Perhaps it was because it was running since morning but damn! It was hot!

So that’s my first quick hands-on the black Macbook. I don’t feel any need to get one anytime soon.

My two cents.

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On July 21, I moved my blog to its own server.

So www.davaomacuser.com no longer points to davaomacuser.wordpress.com.

I've already got a few new posts over there so please join me at www.davaomacuser.com.

See you there. Thanks!

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