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PISOlutions sucks more everyday and alternative Wifi cafes

PISOlutions is unreliable. Their signal drops every 45 to 60 minutes. The loss of signal will last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Even during the times that there is a signal, speed is erratic. There is no constant stream of data.

I am having difficulty downloading podcasts or files that are more than 25MB. It usually will take me two or more tries before I can successfully download the file or podcast.

I have trying to download Apple’s 915MB update of its Xcode Developer Tools since last week. This will be my tenth attempt.

PISOlutions is clearly a Davao-based ISP; they’re good in getting your money but is poor when it comes to their services.

Shouldn’t consumers get what they paid for? It’s unfortunate that companies here in Davao take advantage of consumers who remain wonderfully ignorant of their rights. Then again, if you try to exert your rights here in Davao, you’ll be labeled as a troublemaker.

Wish I can go back to PLDT but they are frightfully so expensive. They do experience some downtimes but not as worse as PISOlutions. Fig to PISOlutions and to the limited choices we have here. Fig to the fact that we don’t have a broadband or DSL provider that is consumer oriented.

By the way, I heard that PISOlutions is the DSL provider of Basti’s Brew. It probably is true since when you try to use the wi-fi in Basti’s Brew Victoria Plaza. it’s like experiencing a blast from the past. Can you imagine using wifi that’s running on dial-up? People looking for wireless internet are better off going to Blugre, K1 KTV, or Formula Pete’s. Though I must warn, Blugre Landco is charging for parking fees now. Formula Pete’s have raised their prices and their coffee leaves a lot to be desired. K1 KTV is a tad bit expensive but I hear their wifi is wonderfully fast. I’ll try K1 as soon as I buy a new power adapter for my Powerbook, which won’t be anytime soon since I’m short on cash. I have to wait for next payday.


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