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Got an iMac!

Finally bought a brand new Mac. I’ve been anticipating and dreading this moment.

My Powerbook’s power adapter shorted and a piece of insulation burned, exposing the wires underneath. The power adapter itself also smelt burnt. I had to bring my Powerbook to my brother to have it charged everyday.

The iMac is not a need but more of a want. A stylish, guilt-laden want.

I’ve been thinking of getting a new Mac since last year but deferred because of the much anticipated release on the Intel Macs. But when the Intel Macs were released on January 2006, I decided that there was really no pressing reason for me to get a new Mac. My 12-inch Powerbook is sufficient in getting things done. I also thought of waiting for the release of Leopard. I figured that I wasn’t missing much with Tiger.

I did think about several options: whether to get an iMac and keep the Powerbook or sell the Powerbook and get the 15-inch or 17-inch Macbook Pro. I also thought about whether to get a 17-inch LCD monitor for my Powerbook or save the money for the iMac. I figured that if I do get a 17-inch LCD monitor, I can always save up to cover the cost of the LCD monitor. I ended up in not getting the LCD monitor.

When I started teaching, the 12-inch screen made making lecture presentations and handouts difficult. I didn’t have enough screen real estate. I had to do a lot of application and window switching. I resorted to hooking up a 15-inch CRT to increase my productivity. It worked and I stopped myself from getting the LCD monitor.

After the end of the summer class, that’s when the power adapter started to show signs of something was wrong. Before, there has been instances when the indicator ring would flicker whenever I was charging the Powerbook. The adapter and wire would also grow very hot.

After the power adapter and wire burned, I spent a few days thinking about whether to get the iMac or not. Finally, I decided that I want one and I want it now!

With a mixture of glee and regret, I bought the unit at Chimes. Aside from the iMac, I also got a lifetime membership card from Chimes. Yay.

I’ll post my impressions soon. For now, I need to be alone with my new Apple pr0n.


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