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I continue to stare at the continuing reviews and developments on issues surrounding the Macbook Pro.

Apple has issued some possible fixes for the whine emitted from some Macbook Pros. The whine might be fixed by resetting either the Power Management Unit or the PRAM and NVRAM.

Jason O’Grady says that the Macbook Pro’s Airport reception is better than that of the Powerbook’s.

Stuff Magazine’s review is without the gobbledygok and is easy to read.

Impressions from a first time switcher after a long time being with Windows. His gripes include the missing right-click and no hibernate. Links I found in this blog include: Loud Thinking (“The MacBook Pro simply rocks.”), Rob William’s blog (“…this machine is very fast …Apple says 4x over the G4. I was kind of skeptical about that. Not anymore.”), Riable Designs (“The MacBook Pro is one of the best machines you can buy (laptop or desktop) for Java development.”) and, Ben Skelton’s blog (“I’m really happy with the computer (minus the weird fan noise). It is super fast.”)

David Pogue calls the 15″ Macbook Pro “the finest laptop in the world, with a small serving of disappointment on the side.” His ‘disappointments’ include: absence of the S-video connector, FireWire 800, 8x dual-layer SuperDrive, and modem port; the expansion slot won’t accommodate older expansion cards and; Virtual PC and Classic programs won’t run on the new Macbook Pro. Old complaints just being echoed here.

Ars Technica reviewer gripes about the Magsafe coming off too easy, that the Macbook Pro doesn’t quite fit in her old Powerbook bag, and that the built-in iSight will deter government people from buying the Macbook Pro. These are the reasons why the Macbook Pro gets a 7.5 rating.

Walt Mossberg says that the Macbook Pro is ‘better than the PowerBook and better than the H-P (H-P Pavilion dv5000t),’ but adds that the speed ups are not as great as Apple claimed.

PC World gives the Macbook Pro a four out of five rating and the reviewer’s main complaints have to do with the one button trackpad and Apple choosing to go with the new Express Card slot. The reviewer suggests media professionals and enthusiasts hold off until their favorite multimedia apps are available as universal binaries. Otherwise, your typical user can go ahead and get a Macbook Pro since the applications like Microsoft Office runs well even under Rosetta.

In his latest write-up in InfoWorld, Tom Yager said he received his Macbook Pro on February 28, Tuesday, and things are going well for the two days he’s been using it.

According to HD Beat, the Macbook Pro plays H.264 movies well using 50% CPU on average. Ben Drawbaugh considers it as the ultimate portable HD machine,

Apple Matters writes a eulogy for the 15″ Powerbook.

The LEDs illuminating the Macbook Pro keyboard is much, much brighter than on the Powerbook. As comparison, the Macbook Pro’s backlight setting at one bar is much brighter than the Powerbook’s when set at full brightness.


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