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Week 4 in review

BusinessWorld thinks that the new iMac is leading the way and Tom Yager of InfoWorld says it “perfects the desktop.” But Rob Pegoraro advises that you hold off the purchase. CNet says the iMac sucks. The Register thinks Apple should sell their computer business and calls the Intel iMacs snails. Yahoo! also has the same story saying applications crawl in the new iMacs. And Intel iMac porn. Even with a lot of negative feedbacks about the iMac and MacBook Pro, some analysts still think there will be strong sales for these new Macs. David Pogue says that there nowhere but up for the Intel-based Macs. They might even run Windows, too. UK’s largest ad agency moves to Macs. Maybe it’s time for your company to move to Macs, too. Don’t believe everything your clueless IT guy tells you. Dispel the myths.

But being a Mac user isn’t all rosy. Just like the hardware, the software are also expensive, too. Especially since Apple never gives discounts for upgrading.

So is it really time to get an Intel Mac? Maybe. Yuval Kossovsky thinks the MacBook Pro is a winner. He mentions that the wifi reception might be better since the antenna has been moved to a better spot. He also points out that not many were using FireWire 800 hence Apple ditched it. Those who would still want FW 800 can get Expresscard FW 800 from Belkin. Modem port is also gone since most people are now using WiFi, the gigabit port, or bluetooth-cellphone to connect to the net.

Some people found out that you can kill your Intel iMacs in the process of trying to make Windows run in them. Perhaps people will have more luck running Linux on an Intel iMac. And running OS X on a Windows machine or vice versa won’t settle the debate anytime soon on which one is “better”.

Getting videos into your 5G iPod is as smooth as butter. A Littleman prognosticates what the iPod will be in 2010. BBC reports iPod users are 2.2x more likely to own a Volkswagen and iTunes traffic grew to 241%. Get the news on the latest additions of video in iTMS from Tunevision. Disney adds 10 classic short films into iTMS. More cartoons are added in iTMS, like SpongeBob, South Park and, Drawn Together. Other shows like Jackass, Punk’d, and Wildfire have also been added. ABI Research says iTunes sparked a video big bang and CNet thinks the 5G iPod might spur reforms in DMCA. Yeah. Right. Microsoft plans to bring out their own digital media player to compete with Apple. What else is new? Lastly. Red iPod? Or perhaps, “Cotton candy“?

Get to know the iTunes keyboard shortcuts. EMI acknowledges that the iTunes Music Store might help offset flagging CD sales. More indie video on iTMS. Stanford, too (Old news for me, really). More in iTunes U. Get a directory of videoblogs via FireAnt. Get free music videos for your 5G iPod from Antville. Networks gets $1.44 per download from iTMS. PC Mag rates iTMS a 3.5 out of 5. This is the website that rated Google Video as “good”.

Deep Thought reviews iMovie. The fourth app in iLife they have reviewed. MacNPods gets into the act and reviews iPhoto. Piece of crap, iWeb is. iPhoto preferences are a mess according to TUAW. According to ZDNet, iWork could rival MS Office. Pages gets 4 mice from MacWorld. Up one mouse from last year’s release.

Check out “Universal Binaries and Intel-Compatible Mac Applications” list from MacInTouch. Game companies are going universal binaries.

30 years of Apple. Time to say “Thank you” to Steve Jobs. Buy the shirts. (They only cost $14.95). Steve Jobs is hailed as the 21st century’s Master of Disruption and BusinessWeek calls him as a “Real Life Dramatist.” He’s even been called as the “New King of Media,” and what Jobs wants, he gets. By the way, he already owns your living room.

January 24th’s the 22nd birthday of the Macintosh. What’s the story behind the historic 1984 ad? Get more Mac history.

Disney + Pixar = Conflict for Jobs. Disney-Pixar is a done deal at the tune of $7 billion. Read the history of Pixar. Will Jobs be able to work his magic in the Magic Kingdom? Will he be able to make Disney follow in his footsteps? However, some think the two CEOs, Jobs and Iger, are bound to butt heads soon.

Is 2006 the Year of the Apple? Analysts like Bear Stearns seem to think so. They see Apple as leading a “non-linear” digital revolution.

Daring Fireball presents a review of Macworld 2006. People were astounded when a guy replaced the batteries of different iPods while blindfolded.

In the works? Tablet Macs and CCD camera integrated into the LCD screen?

More of how to…
navigate through the dock, menu bar, and open windows with just your keyboard.
… buy, sell and trade your Apple stuff.
… not make the common mistakes new Mac users make

You can go FlyAKite if you want OS X in your dull Windows PC. Interesting site really. For those who is thinking of getting a Mac but would like to test drive it first. Read RSS feeds in your menu bar.

Anybody ever figured out what the software coupons are for?

Google beats Apple as the world’s most popular brand but their mediocre Google video is failing miserably. They are also pro-censorship when it comes to freedom of speech. Pretty soon, Google Tunes will debut, giving the world the same mediocrity as Google video has.

Sony advises consumers not to use their Connect software. Creative slumps bad. iTMS rules them all and Napster sucks.

Spill coffee over a stupid website. Or perhaps throw cow dung at it. Speaking of cow dung, Tera Patricks of Mac360 (who regularly visits MacDailyNews) thinks that the latest eWeek article saying Mac OS X doesn’t have security features as being full of it. Cow dung, that is.

Gasp! Flaws in OS X? More gasp! It’s ZDNet Australia again. More more gasp! Thurrott is starting to like Macs, and says they’re “going to keep getting better.”

Finally, Bill Gates runs like a girl.


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