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Week 3 in review

Newsweek interviews Steve Jobs. Jobs talks about the design of the Macs, Apple’s potential for growth, the MacBook Pro, its battery life and its performance, and the iPod. Read how Jobs’s company did in their first quarter of 2006. Apple more room to grow.

According to Apple’s Senior director for desktops, what sets Apple apart from other companies is not the hardware but it’s the design, the OS, and the included apps like iLife. IBM and Apple are still friends.

iLounge releases a review of the Apple iPod Radio Remote. It’s given an “A-” rating. Search for video for your 5G iPod.

What’s new in iLife ’06?
iWork gets a 9 out of 10 rating from a MacOSXhints user with Keynote 3 being called as a “substantial upgrade”. First look at iWork from Don Foy.
Apple Matters takes a first look at iWeb.
Learn iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie HD and iDVD keyboard shortcuts.
Pages users have their own site. It’s called uhh… Pagesuser.
Read a review of iWeb.

Apple releases technical specs for podcasting and iTunes.

Mossberg writes about the iMac getting a brain transplant but still considers the iMac as the “gold standard of consumer desktop PCs.” Edward C. Baig agrees, saying that the iMac “sets bar for home PCs even higher” and that it “remains the one to beat.” Time names the new iMac as gadget of the week. PCMag likes the new iMac but does say the only downsides are the lack of support for the Classic Mac OS and some applications are not optimized yet to run under the new processor. They give it a 4.5 stars out of 5.

See MacWorld’s First Lab Tests of the iMac with the Core Duo processor. See how it fares running native apps and apps running under Rosetta. Is Apple’s claim of the new iMacs being twice as fast the old ones? Read for yourself. Also, TUAW does a video report on the new iMac. Mike Langberg of Mercury News says that Apple’s transition to Intel was smooth and he didn’t notice much difference in performance when compared to his old iMac.

And if you are interested, a $1299 Intel iMac actually cost $898 to build, making them, according to BusinessWeek, as Apple’s new cash machine.

Just how does the MacBook Pro stand against Windows notebooks?

Thoughts from a Mac user on what the Intel switch all means for him. Confessions from someone who’s become Mac-curious. He talks about giving his Windows PC a RAM job but all the while fantasizing about a Mac. Kinky.

What does a girl look for when she’s in MacWorld San Francisco?

NBC’s “The Office” got high TV ratings thanks to the iTunes Music Store. ABC also saw the same effect with “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives.”

See 10.4.3 run. Run 10.4.3, run. Run in a Thinkpad, that is. Engadget features are story on Tiger running on Intel PCs. Get more details on how to make this hack happen on OSx86 and on Profit42.com.

Know your choices. Get to know the different browsers for your Mac. Also, run Windows in an Intel Mac.

iPods in health. Time magazine says medical students area able to identify cardiac murmurs better after listening to different heart sounds in their iPods. Health institutions like John Hopkins and medical publications like the New England Journal of Medicine have their own podcasts. EWeek.com cites several other institutions and organizations like the National Institute for Health and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and publications like Science and Nature also releasing their own podcasts. And that said, podcasting has indeed taken the internet by storm.

Apple has been accused of copying a shoe advertisement for their iPod commercial. Now, tongues are wagging and are again accusing Apple that they copied another ad for their new Intel switch advertisement. Turns out it was all ado about nothing. The “stolen” ad and the Intel switch as were made by the same people. Helps to look things up first before you decide to put your foot into your mouth.

Rumor time. Latest patent from Apple may hint on them “combining phone and music player.” Also, a wireless iPod. These were among the products that were supposed to be released last MacWorld.

“Micheal Dell sucks in foretelling the future,” Steve Jobs tells Apple employees.

An Apple advocate hangs up his gloves and passes on the torch to others to clear the befuddled minds of non-Apple users. He’s giving this up for the sake of his sanity (and productivity). : )

BBC spreads more Mac virus FUD. And here I thought they were a respectable media company. (The writer later backpedals furiously and says he never said that there were any virus for the Mac. He got nervous from all the comments he got from the people who has “fawning admiration for Apple” and said he did not intend to commit an “act of betrayal by an apostate.” His words, not mine.

Even before Microsoft has even released Vista to the general public, it gets its first security patches. Pathetic. And to get an idea on how the Mac OS is better than Windows, here are 5 flaws in the Windows OS that are already fixed in the Mac operating system

Napster: sell or curl up and die. They lost $13.61 million between July to September 2005.

Sony has got something up its sleeve. After their music CD stunt which was laying down a welcome mat for malicious wares into people’s Windows PCs, and after vigorously trying to appease the angered mob by offering iTunes credits as compensation, Sony has now added its content into iTMS Australia. Then again, maybe Sony is just getting desperate especially since their music downloading service doesn’t seem to be getting the attention that they want it to. What was the name of that service? Contact? Correct? Compost? I forget.

See iPod nano knockoffs here, here, and here. Surprise, surprise. Fake iPod shuffles flood China. More 5,000 years of history and one-third of the world’s population has nothing better to do but copy other people’s work. 5,000 years just to become a nation of pirates. Oh, yeah. If you missed getting the iPod mini, then you can get the iPod mini 2.

Creative gets top-billing in an article that proclaims, “Imitation is no match for innovation.”

Microsoft stops making Windows Media Player for Mac. Good riddance. Here are some free software to use if you really need to view WM files.

Dvorak calls Apple a liar for telling people Power PC chips are faster than Intel’s chips. It was true then. Apple has not made that claim anymore lately. What are you smoking, John?

Geek is chic and geekiness is a personality.

January 19, 1983. Lisa comes out but soon flops.


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