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This week in Mac and iPod

Celebrating iTunes’s birthday with a trip down memory lane.

Is it really Mac fans vs iPod fans? Can’t they just get along?

How to…
install Tiger on a non-DVD equipped Mac by using an iPod.
convert videos for your iPod. (From MDN.) Know what are the good compression settings are for your 5G iPod.
copy your iPod to other computers.
backup your iTunes library.
remove scratches from your iPod.
hack you iPod (customize your GUI, read eBooks, play more games, etc…)
maximize your notebook’s battery.
… live the “The Life.” Stories of how some programmers managed quit their day jobs and write programs for a living from the makers VoodooPad, MacGourmet and NetNewsWire.
download YouTube movie files.
… find your local subversives by using Amazon’s wishlist.

First look at…
… a blog made in iWeb.
iPhoto 6.
iWork 06.
… the MacBook Pro and a mini review of it.
… Apple’s iPod FM remote with pictures here.

Google’s Video Store is so sad, I don’t know what CBS was thinking when they signed an agreement with Google. UK schools says that Microsoft licenses are expensive. Took them this long to figure it out? I’m afraid to know the things they’re teaching their students.

We all have our preferences, especially when it comes to our PCs. Dave Caolo tell us how he wants his Mac customized. Read some of the comments after the story and learn what are other people’s preferences. I have taken one of the ideas and cleaned out my desktop, like it really matters since I rarely get to see my desktop.


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