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How-to, Macs and iPods, the competition and the critics, and going a day without Mac

Some how-to’s…
How to sell a used Mac. How to install OS X from a hard drive. How to make a Mac Media Center. How to get software for starving students.

Of Macs and iPods…
The Logitech Cordless Desktop for Mac. Free non-copy-protected videos for the 5G iPod from Google Video. You can also get other free movies for your 5G iPod. Archive Classic Movies lets you download movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Use their RSS to subscribe using iTunes or other RSS feeders. The Flux announces the first iPod Video Film Festival. It’s a film festival specifically for video made for the fifth-generation iPod.

The 5G iPod accessory economy is said to be worth $1 billion. One of these accessories is the FUNKIT DJ. It’s the fourth picture in the slideshow.

The holiday season in the UK drove online music sales higher. Pipper Jaffray predicts 2006 as the “Year of the Mac.” The Luddite likes the iMac G5. Period.

A word from the competitors and the critics…
Creative is taking a swing at Apple this time with ZenCasts, an application of which the interface is an obvious rip-off of iTunes. Such an irony to have a company named “Creative.” SanDisk also takes a swing at Apple, releasing a 6GB flash player that is probably aimed to go against the nano. I personally find the design nice. Hopefully Jobs will release an 8GB nano this Monday. I’d definitely buy that one! Here‘s a guy craving for attention calling iPod and iTunes users as dupes without even having used either and here‘s a boob who is barking up the wrong tree it the DRM issue. Someone is unhappy with his videos downloaded from iTMS.

Sony’s settlement for their stupidity has been tentatively approved.

Finally, The Unofficial Apple Weblog recalls the experience of one Mac user who used a Windows PC for a day. I had the same problem as he did with trying to evoke Expose everytime I want to access other applications that are open.


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