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Only Apple is the only that brings a perfect end-to-end digital experiences.

The American Film Institute recognizes the fifth-generation iPod in their Moments of Significance. The iPod is also named as the Year’s Top Brand by Penn, Schoen, and Berland.

You think the iPod is expensive? Think of the other stuff that needs to go with your iPod.

Best music software… is iTunes.”

I share the same sentiments with Stephan Fassman of iPod Garage on Apple making a PDA or an e-book reader.

“The Office” tops download list in iTMS.

DVDs suck with their long advertisments before being able to watch the movie itself. Most notable are the DVDs from Disney.

Jonathan Ives named as commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.”

New video content for iTunes from ESPN, ABC, and Disney.

The RIAA toughs up. Music sales goes down.

Belkin’s UWB device allows wireless connectivity to USB devices.

Hear surround sound with MP3.

WTF?!? I mean, WMF! One more reason why people should use a Mac instead.

An in-depth look into iBook and PowerBook reliability.

December 31, 2005, 8:12AM
Playlist writes about the major events in the 2005 that marked Apple’s dominance in the industry.

  • The release of the iPod shuffle: relatively cheap, it flew off the shelves. Together with the shuffle, iTunes 4.7.1 was made available with the new Autofill feature
  • Second generation iPod mini and cheaper iPod photos: 4GB and 6GB minis became available. Smaller capacity iPod photo from 40GB to 30GB. The same 60GB photo but $150 cheaper.
  • The iPod Camera Connector and iTunes 4.8 with contact and calendar sync, and video playback.
  • On June, the “photo” in iPod photo was dropped and the fourth-generation coloured iPod took over. 20GB and 60GB versions were made available and another price drop. The 1GB shuffle also had a price drop. Knocking $20 off the $149 tag.
  • September saw the death of the mini and the nano took over. Version 5.0 of iTunes was released. Oh, yeah, the Motorola Rokr, too. The nano was hugely popular but within a few weeks, scratchability issues surfaced. The Rokr wasn’t that popular though and Motorola CEO says: “Screw the nano!”
  • After a month of the iPod nano and iTunes 5.0, the fifth-generation iPod and iTunes 6.0 were released. Videos from ABC, Pixar, and Disney were made available on the iTunes Music Store, and in 20 days, 1 million videos were sold. NBC started offering shows in iTMS on December.
  • The year that was. Apple sold 6.2 million iPods in the fiscal third quarter, a 600 per cent increase from the same period last year. On July, Apple sold its 500 millionth song, and iTMS Japan sold a million song 4 days after it opened.
  • The year of podcasting. The release of iTunes 4.9 provided a big boost to podcasters. This version allowed users to subscribe to podcast via iTunes and had the addded feature of managing podcasts for the iPod. Two days after the release of iTunes 4.9, 1 million podcasts were downloaded from iTMS.

MacWorld also has the year in review for Apple.

  • Record breaking profits of $430 million in the fiscal last quarter of 2005. At this quarter, Apple shipped 1.2 million Macs and 6.5 million iPods.
  • Tiger again raised the bar in what an OS should be. Windows zealots keep comparing it to a non-existent Windows Bullsh*t. I mean Longhorn. I mean Vista. Tiger lends a hand in the sciences and enterprise. Aperture and Front Row also makes some waves.
  • Switch to Intel meant several upgrades to the existing Mac line to keep Mac faithfuls and switchers-to-be interested.
  • 2005 was also a year of lawsuits. Apple suing developers for releasing Tiger in the wild too early. Apple gets sued for FairPlay, for the scratchable nanos, and the iPod battery that couldn’t.
  • Apple gets bigger marketshare in the sciences, in businesses, and in education.

2005 also saw Sony’s fall from grace with their shenanigans and stupidity. They would like to settle. Firstly, by promising not to use the XCP and MediaMax DRM. Well, duh! Of course this means they can still use other forms of DRM and if they do, they must really, really be stupid. They will also provide a tool for removing the rootkit. Duh, again! Second, they will buy back the infected CDs at a lower cost, and the CDs replaced with no-DRM CDs. Lastly, you can opt for downloadable albums but you are not restricted to their crappy download service. You can get it from the iTunes Music Store!

The iTunes Music Store saw a big jump in sales on December 24 and 25 as people who got iPods as gifts loaded songs from iTMS into the iPods.

Before 2005 closes, Steve Jobs receives another distinction. The Daily Voice and Journal of Broadcasting calls Jobs as the “Radio Person of the Year.” From the press release:

“Because he is uniquely creative and innovative, he has left distinguished and notable footprints in the radio industry sands, and has demonstrated remarkable leadership skills in 2005. He has the abilities, by the means of his personality, influence and position, to have a profound effect on the radio industry in 2006.”

Apple released no less than six iPod variants this year, and more will come next year. This is according to Arik Hesseldahl as he forecasts what Apple has in store for Mac users in 2006. Apple Matters publishes the five things that will happen and the five things that will not happen. A few things that will happen are iBooks without Firewire and the ever present Apple PVR (or DVR). Those that will not happen are the iPhone and cheaper Macs. Another thing that won’t probably happen is Apple splitting into two companies. More 2006 predictions from Corante which mentions a shift away from Microsoft as Web 2.0 gains traction and Apple invades the living room.

Intel has been getting a lot of limelight lately ever since Apple decided to leave to PowerPC chip behind. But it’s not only Apple that will be making big changes. Intel recently announced that they were doing away with the Pentium brand, creating a new logo, dropping the dropped “e”, and getting a new slogan, “Leap ahead.” Intel will also be creating other chips, not just microprocessors, and develop software that will drive these chips. They want their chips in the living room as well as the emergency room. Intel is also aiming towards the multimedia arena, opening Viiv to Linux and Macs, and towards the wireless industry as well. The company sees the market for portable and living room computers as the future. With regards to its partnership with Apple, Intel’s CEO praises Apple for its innovation and design and thinks that the switch to their chips will mean “smaller, cheaper, cooler.”

News bits
Top ten essentials for your fifth-generation iPod.

Top apps for the Mac for 2005.

One of CIO magazine’s top 10 IT news stories is how the iPod keeps Apple in business.

An interview of mac users and the macs they use.

Apple prefers to cater to individual users rather than the corporations.

Here’s a how-to in replacing your iPod’s hard drive.

Another take on the finger-in-my-chili bit. It’s meat-in-my-iPod-box for a woman and her son in Hawaii.

More virus FUD from Symantec, the company that makes your Mac more insecure.

Tips for former Windows users who have switched to the Mac. This is just what Thurrott’s wife needs.

Apps and Links
It was just a matter of time. A list of iPod torrent sites.

SWF Movie Player is a streamlined Flash movie player for Mac OS X. It’s free! Download here.

What is your favorite blog client? I have never considered using a blog client.

Ever had multiple tabs and windows open on Safari and then you accidentally press Command-Q instead of Command-A? Why doesn’t Safari tell ask you first before closing all those windows and tabs? NonStopMac has some tips. Personally, I have started using Firefox.

For web developers, SafariTest lets you see if the webpage you made looks good in Safari. I can think of several websites that need to use this. MacNN and iLounge, to name a few.

Tips for people who wants to become indie Mac software developers, from the creator of VoodooPad and FlyGesture.

A PowerMac G5 dissected.


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