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Week 5 in review

Hrmpf.com tells of the new patent applications from Apple which mentions user interface for an Apple tablet and iPod-like UI elements. The abstract reads, “Methods and systems for processing touch inputs are disclosed. The invention in one respect includes reading data from a multipoint sensing device such as a multipoint touch screen where the data pertains to touch input with respect to the multipoint sensing device, and identifying at least one multipoint gesture based on the data from the multipoint sensing device.” The application lists Jonathan Ive as one of the inventors. The application mentions multipoint gestures as a way to navigate around the operating system and doing tasks such as scrolling and zooming. the iPod-like UI will pop-up anytime it’s needed and will enable the user to perhaps control iTunes and some other program very much like how one controls an iPod today. A virtual keyboard is also mentioned in the patent. I don’t know when this patent will become an actual product, IF it will ever become an actual product. But is Apple will ever make an iTablet or an iSlate or a MacTablet or MacSlate or whatever it is they will call it, I’ll be one of first to get it.

Other rumors: 13-inch iBook with Front Row in the works? What about 1GB nanos? Black then red? Again, red iPods are all the rage in rumor sites ever since Bono was overheard talking about a red credit card (from American Express) and a red iPod. Both products are supposed to be for support in the fight against AIDS. There are also rumors that Apple will hold another special music event late in February. Perhaps to launch the red iPod and the 1GB nano?

Personal Computing World says the upgrades in iLife 06 makes it the best version of the home creative suite yet. Deep Thought wraps up its review of iLife 06. The newest addition to iLife, iWeb, is not for advanced web designers. Instead, iWeb was made for those who have little or no background in creating personal web pages. It’s RapidWeaver vs iWeb on on February 8. Garageband 3 is great for podcasters and for home video producers. iLife 06 is “better than ever,” says Thurrott. He also highly recommends the latest iMac but wrongly states that the iMac comes in 17″ and 21″ models.

Flash! (February 3, 2006) 17″ iMac G5 are out of stock.

Boston Herald calls iWork as “really sweet,” as a Sydney Morning Herald writer pines for the spreadsheet application that never came.

Macsimum News’s Sellers gives the news Intel iMac a 9.5 out of 10 but says it is a perfect machine if running optimized software. Business Week calls the Intel iMac as an “iMac on steroids” and echoes Macsimum News sentiments that software developers need to catch up. Pioneer Press does a Mac vs Dell. The verdict? Go get a Mac. BusinessWeek rates the 5G iPod a 4 stars out of 5 but warns users to treat it with kid gloves. The Apple iPod Radio Remote gets an “excellent” rating from PC Mag. The Apple Remote can control Apple applications other than Front Row.

The iMac G5 and the Intel iMac butt heads in Anandtech. Interesting read.

Apple grabs the number one spot in Europe in education sales. Apple now has 15.2% marketshare in Western Europe, having a huge 54.4% market share in Switzerland. The Swiss knows a good product when they see one. A Comedy Central stand-up special has taken the top download spots from Lost in iTMS. Apple drops $200 off their 20″ iMac G5s.

Portables with Intel Core Duo chips and running Windows may be losing an hour’s worth of battery life due to buggy drivers. This problem might also extend into the MacBook Pros since Apple refuses to release the battery life of their new portables. So this might be more of a hardware bug rather than a software or driver issue.

New ESPN and ABC Sports programs available in iTMS. Networks are now selling TV shows in iTMS before they are broadcasted. Another iTunes phone from Motorola, the SLVR. Does anyone care anymore? Watch over 300 Apple related movies from The Different District. The iPod economy grows as sales from iPod accessories, from cases to docking stations, reached $850 million last year and is predicted to reach $1 billion this year. As Google Video flops, will CBS cave in and offer their shows in iTMS? An ExtremeTech writer loses his Zen. It’s Superbowl time, and companies are offering downloads of their TV ads right after being shown during Superbowl. Dell gets run over by Apple’s Click Wheel. They are dropping their expensive Digital Jukebox players. They are, however, keeping the DJ Ditty to compete with the iPod shuffle. I wonder what will happen to the Ditty if Apple does release a 1GB nano? Rob and MDN agreeing?

Apple trademarks Mac Pro. Pogue at Macworld. Apple gets sued, again. This time by a man who allegedly suffered hearing loss due to his iPod. What really stinks is that his lawyer is a Microsoft retainer. In the first place, do hot plates need warnings not to put your hands while it’s turned on? Americans are getting dumber by the minute. Must be all the junk food they’ve been eating. The Street looks at Apple as a stock from all different angles.

Read what are the 5 things Steve Jobs lied about during the last 30 years. Is Jobs really taking over the world with the Disney-Pixar deal? A former Apple board member talks about Jobs.

CoconutWiFi lets you sniff out open wireless networks easily. Webnote Happy bookmarks webpages and lets you add notes to the pages you’ve saved. NeoOffice is version 1.2. GL Browser, a free image browser. POS for Mac and open source medical software.

How to…
tweak iTunes. The article has a lot of tips and tricks that would make exploring iTunes interesting.
drag and drop and quit apps with Exposé. (Command-Tab then “Q”).
… navigate around Keynote using your keyboard (aka Keynote keyboard shortcuts).
install an iTrip into a Mac mini.
partition effectively.
… check your Mac’s warranty status.

Sell your Apple stuff using LoopRumors Classified.

Yahoo calls the iPod a “white-and-chrome bully” as iRiver shows signs of pulling out of Europe.

Worm to wreck havoc on Windows machine of February 3. Macs are unaffected. But if you really want security against viruses, worms, trojans, etc you should get Windows Vista. *snicker* A security consultant accuses Mac users as being smug as 90% of the world reels from virus, trojan, and worm attacks. Us, smug? You bet we are. Food for thought from the FBI: $67.2 billion is lost per year because of virus-magnet Windows. More food for thought from eWeek: even with the switch to Intel, Macs are still secure and some people have their hats on too tight. Suggestions for Windows users on how to protect themselves. USA Today doesn’t know that there are other operating systems available for PCs.

Which language for teaching computer science? Loftcube. Cool CGIs. As a Mac user, which non-Mac notebook would you get?

How to make Windows run effectively. Good luck.


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David Pogue’s Macworld Keynote

I wonder if the real David Pogue keynote was as interesting as this. Does anybody know where I can get the podcast of this keynote?

Get more Joy of Tech from Snaggy and Nitrozac.

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Week 4 in review

BusinessWorld thinks that the new iMac is leading the way and Tom Yager of InfoWorld says it “perfects the desktop.” But Rob Pegoraro advises that you hold off the purchase. CNet says the iMac sucks. The Register thinks Apple should sell their computer business and calls the Intel iMacs snails. Yahoo! also has the same story saying applications crawl in the new iMacs. And Intel iMac porn. Even with a lot of negative feedbacks about the iMac and MacBook Pro, some analysts still think there will be strong sales for these new Macs. David Pogue says that there nowhere but up for the Intel-based Macs. They might even run Windows, too. UK’s largest ad agency moves to Macs. Maybe it’s time for your company to move to Macs, too. Don’t believe everything your clueless IT guy tells you. Dispel the myths.

But being a Mac user isn’t all rosy. Just like the hardware, the software are also expensive, too. Especially since Apple never gives discounts for upgrading.

So is it really time to get an Intel Mac? Maybe. Yuval Kossovsky thinks the MacBook Pro is a winner. He mentions that the wifi reception might be better since the antenna has been moved to a better spot. He also points out that not many were using FireWire 800 hence Apple ditched it. Those who would still want FW 800 can get Expresscard FW 800 from Belkin. Modem port is also gone since most people are now using WiFi, the gigabit port, or bluetooth-cellphone to connect to the net.

Some people found out that you can kill your Intel iMacs in the process of trying to make Windows run in them. Perhaps people will have more luck running Linux on an Intel iMac. And running OS X on a Windows machine or vice versa won’t settle the debate anytime soon on which one is “better”.

Getting videos into your 5G iPod is as smooth as butter. A Littleman prognosticates what the iPod will be in 2010. BBC reports iPod users are 2.2x more likely to own a Volkswagen and iTunes traffic grew to 241%. Get the news on the latest additions of video in iTMS from Tunevision. Disney adds 10 classic short films into iTMS. More cartoons are added in iTMS, like SpongeBob, South Park and, Drawn Together. Other shows like Jackass, Punk’d, and Wildfire have also been added. ABI Research says iTunes sparked a video big bang and CNet thinks the 5G iPod might spur reforms in DMCA. Yeah. Right. Microsoft plans to bring out their own digital media player to compete with Apple. What else is new? Lastly. Red iPod? Or perhaps, “Cotton candy“?

Get to know the iTunes keyboard shortcuts. EMI acknowledges that the iTunes Music Store might help offset flagging CD sales. More indie video on iTMS. Stanford, too (Old news for me, really). More in iTunes U. Get a directory of videoblogs via FireAnt. Get free music videos for your 5G iPod from Antville. Networks gets $1.44 per download from iTMS. PC Mag rates iTMS a 3.5 out of 5. This is the website that rated Google Video as “good”.

Deep Thought reviews iMovie. The fourth app in iLife they have reviewed. MacNPods gets into the act and reviews iPhoto. Piece of crap, iWeb is. iPhoto preferences are a mess according to TUAW. According to ZDNet, iWork could rival MS Office. Pages gets 4 mice from MacWorld. Up one mouse from last year’s release.

Check out “Universal Binaries and Intel-Compatible Mac Applications” list from MacInTouch. Game companies are going universal binaries.

30 years of Apple. Time to say “Thank you” to Steve Jobs. Buy the shirts. (They only cost $14.95). Steve Jobs is hailed as the 21st century’s Master of Disruption and BusinessWeek calls him as a “Real Life Dramatist.” He’s even been called as the “New King of Media,” and what Jobs wants, he gets. By the way, he already owns your living room.

January 24th’s the 22nd birthday of the Macintosh. What’s the story behind the historic 1984 ad? Get more Mac history.

Disney + Pixar = Conflict for Jobs. Disney-Pixar is a done deal at the tune of $7 billion. Read the history of Pixar. Will Jobs be able to work his magic in the Magic Kingdom? Will he be able to make Disney follow in his footsteps? However, some think the two CEOs, Jobs and Iger, are bound to butt heads soon.

Is 2006 the Year of the Apple? Analysts like Bear Stearns seem to think so. They see Apple as leading a “non-linear” digital revolution.

Daring Fireball presents a review of Macworld 2006. People were astounded when a guy replaced the batteries of different iPods while blindfolded.

In the works? Tablet Macs and CCD camera integrated into the LCD screen?

More of how to…
navigate through the dock, menu bar, and open windows with just your keyboard.
… buy, sell and trade your Apple stuff.
… not make the common mistakes new Mac users make

You can go FlyAKite if you want OS X in your dull Windows PC. Interesting site really. For those who is thinking of getting a Mac but would like to test drive it first. Read RSS feeds in your menu bar.

Anybody ever figured out what the software coupons are for?

Google beats Apple as the world’s most popular brand but their mediocre Google video is failing miserably. They are also pro-censorship when it comes to freedom of speech. Pretty soon, Google Tunes will debut, giving the world the same mediocrity as Google video has.

Sony advises consumers not to use their Connect software. Creative slumps bad. iTMS rules them all and Napster sucks.

Spill coffee over a stupid website. Or perhaps throw cow dung at it. Speaking of cow dung, Tera Patricks of Mac360 (who regularly visits MacDailyNews) thinks that the latest eWeek article saying Mac OS X doesn’t have security features as being full of it. Cow dung, that is.

Gasp! Flaws in OS X? More gasp! It’s ZDNet Australia again. More more gasp! Thurrott is starting to like Macs, and says they’re “going to keep getting better.”

Finally, Bill Gates runs like a girl.

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Week 3 in review

Newsweek interviews Steve Jobs. Jobs talks about the design of the Macs, Apple’s potential for growth, the MacBook Pro, its battery life and its performance, and the iPod. Read how Jobs’s company did in their first quarter of 2006. Apple more room to grow.

According to Apple’s Senior director for desktops, what sets Apple apart from other companies is not the hardware but it’s the design, the OS, and the included apps like iLife. IBM and Apple are still friends.

iLounge releases a review of the Apple iPod Radio Remote. It’s given an “A-” rating. Search for video for your 5G iPod.

What’s new in iLife ’06?
iWork gets a 9 out of 10 rating from a MacOSXhints user with Keynote 3 being called as a “substantial upgrade”. First look at iWork from Don Foy.
Apple Matters takes a first look at iWeb.
Learn iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie HD and iDVD keyboard shortcuts.
Pages users have their own site. It’s called uhh… Pagesuser.
Read a review of iWeb.

Apple releases technical specs for podcasting and iTunes.

Mossberg writes about the iMac getting a brain transplant but still considers the iMac as the “gold standard of consumer desktop PCs.” Edward C. Baig agrees, saying that the iMac “sets bar for home PCs even higher” and that it “remains the one to beat.” Time names the new iMac as gadget of the week. PCMag likes the new iMac but does say the only downsides are the lack of support for the Classic Mac OS and some applications are not optimized yet to run under the new processor. They give it a 4.5 stars out of 5.

See MacWorld’s First Lab Tests of the iMac with the Core Duo processor. See how it fares running native apps and apps running under Rosetta. Is Apple’s claim of the new iMacs being twice as fast the old ones? Read for yourself. Also, TUAW does a video report on the new iMac. Mike Langberg of Mercury News says that Apple’s transition to Intel was smooth and he didn’t notice much difference in performance when compared to his old iMac.

And if you are interested, a $1299 Intel iMac actually cost $898 to build, making them, according to BusinessWeek, as Apple’s new cash machine.

Just how does the MacBook Pro stand against Windows notebooks?

Thoughts from a Mac user on what the Intel switch all means for him. Confessions from someone who’s become Mac-curious. He talks about giving his Windows PC a RAM job but all the while fantasizing about a Mac. Kinky.

What does a girl look for when she’s in MacWorld San Francisco?

NBC’s “The Office” got high TV ratings thanks to the iTunes Music Store. ABC also saw the same effect with “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives.”

See 10.4.3 run. Run 10.4.3, run. Run in a Thinkpad, that is. Engadget features are story on Tiger running on Intel PCs. Get more details on how to make this hack happen on OSx86 and on Profit42.com.

Know your choices. Get to know the different browsers for your Mac. Also, run Windows in an Intel Mac.

iPods in health. Time magazine says medical students area able to identify cardiac murmurs better after listening to different heart sounds in their iPods. Health institutions like John Hopkins and medical publications like the New England Journal of Medicine have their own podcasts. EWeek.com cites several other institutions and organizations like the National Institute for Health and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and publications like Science and Nature also releasing their own podcasts. And that said, podcasting has indeed taken the internet by storm.

Apple has been accused of copying a shoe advertisement for their iPod commercial. Now, tongues are wagging and are again accusing Apple that they copied another ad for their new Intel switch advertisement. Turns out it was all ado about nothing. The “stolen” ad and the Intel switch as were made by the same people. Helps to look things up first before you decide to put your foot into your mouth.

Rumor time. Latest patent from Apple may hint on them “combining phone and music player.” Also, a wireless iPod. These were among the products that were supposed to be released last MacWorld.

“Micheal Dell sucks in foretelling the future,” Steve Jobs tells Apple employees.

An Apple advocate hangs up his gloves and passes on the torch to others to clear the befuddled minds of non-Apple users. He’s giving this up for the sake of his sanity (and productivity). : )

BBC spreads more Mac virus FUD. And here I thought they were a respectable media company. (The writer later backpedals furiously and says he never said that there were any virus for the Mac. He got nervous from all the comments he got from the people who has “fawning admiration for Apple” and said he did not intend to commit an “act of betrayal by an apostate.” His words, not mine.

Even before Microsoft has even released Vista to the general public, it gets its first security patches. Pathetic. And to get an idea on how the Mac OS is better than Windows, here are 5 flaws in the Windows OS that are already fixed in the Mac operating system

Napster: sell or curl up and die. They lost $13.61 million between July to September 2005.

Sony has got something up its sleeve. After their music CD stunt which was laying down a welcome mat for malicious wares into people’s Windows PCs, and after vigorously trying to appease the angered mob by offering iTunes credits as compensation, Sony has now added its content into iTMS Australia. Then again, maybe Sony is just getting desperate especially since their music downloading service doesn’t seem to be getting the attention that they want it to. What was the name of that service? Contact? Correct? Compost? I forget.

See iPod nano knockoffs here, here, and here. Surprise, surprise. Fake iPod shuffles flood China. More 5,000 years of history and one-third of the world’s population has nothing better to do but copy other people’s work. 5,000 years just to become a nation of pirates. Oh, yeah. If you missed getting the iPod mini, then you can get the iPod mini 2.

Creative gets top-billing in an article that proclaims, “Imitation is no match for innovation.”

Microsoft stops making Windows Media Player for Mac. Good riddance. Here are some free software to use if you really need to view WM files.

Dvorak calls Apple a liar for telling people Power PC chips are faster than Intel’s chips. It was true then. Apple has not made that claim anymore lately. What are you smoking, John?

Geek is chic and geekiness is a personality.

January 19, 1983. Lisa comes out but soon flops.

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More post-MWSF 2006

It would seem that one blog was right on the dot when it came to predicting what Jobs was announcing on the keynote address. Kevin Rose’s blog entry on January 9, 2006 correctly predicted the coming of the MacBook Pro (“15-inch MacBook, thinner, dual core”), the Apple Remote with FM tuner (“iPod FM receiver” and “new remote of some type”), iWork and iLife 06, Photocasting with iPhoto, and OS 10.4.4 with new widgets. Can’t wait what he can tell us for the next few months during Apple’s transtition to Intel. Perhaps some iPod rumors, too. Rose’s on target predictions are featured in MacRumor’s roundup on who got their MWSF 2006 keynote predictions right and who got theirs wrong, like this one from Mymac.com and some more mentioned in a Macworld article.

As I have already said before, PowerBook = MacBook Pro. iBook = MacBook. Perhaps the MacBooks will get a design revamp and the puported 13-inch screen.

Step back a bit and see what’s missing in the new MacBook Pro. Also, was the MacBook Pro released too early?

The new Intel-based iMac and MacBook Pro made a big splash. But according to Wired there was supposed to be more. Something much cooler. We’ll just have to wait and see for the next couple of months.

Why is Apple dominating the multimedia scene today? It is because they provide consistency and reliability of its products, unlike what Apple’s competitors are offering to the public. Sony’s CEO also said that Jobs was smarter at software that they were.

The media have fallen in love with Apple and its CEO but the problem is, are the media asking the real hard questions that will affect Apple users in the future? Like it or not, small may be the marketshare that Apple has, MacWorld got the same, if not more, media coverage as compared to CES.

Otellini tells Jobs not to underestimate Samsung, as the Korean company has taken a huge chunk out of Intel and is relentlessly trying to do the same to Apple. Because even if some think the January’s release of the new Intel Macs might be one of the keystone in the computing industry, for Apple, according to TG Daily, its innovate or die and another writer notes that Apple’s future is murky even after the earlier than expected release of Intel-based Macs.

Kodawarisan hacks open an Intel iMac (among other things).

EVDOinfo.com says that the MacBook Pro users won’t need a WiFi hotspot. They can surf the net at 300-400 kbps by using the EVDO techonology. All there is to do now is to wait for manufacturers to make cards for the new ExpressCard/34 slot.

It was announced that Apple sold 1.25 million Macs on the last quarter of 2005.

Cringely writes his hits and misses on MWSF 2006. His average for this year? 66 per cent.

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This week in Mac and iPod

Celebrating iTunes’s birthday with a trip down memory lane.

Is it really Mac fans vs iPod fans? Can’t they just get along?

How to…
install Tiger on a non-DVD equipped Mac by using an iPod.
convert videos for your iPod. (From MDN.) Know what are the good compression settings are for your 5G iPod.
copy your iPod to other computers.
backup your iTunes library.
remove scratches from your iPod.
hack you iPod (customize your GUI, read eBooks, play more games, etc…)
maximize your notebook’s battery.
… live the “The Life.” Stories of how some programmers managed quit their day jobs and write programs for a living from the makers VoodooPad, MacGourmet and NetNewsWire.
download YouTube movie files.
… find your local subversives by using Amazon’s wishlist.

First look at…
… a blog made in iWeb.
iPhoto 6.
iWork 06.
… the MacBook Pro and a mini review of it.
… Apple’s iPod FM remote with pictures here.

Google’s Video Store is so sad, I don’t know what CBS was thinking when they signed an agreement with Google. UK schools says that Microsoft licenses are expensive. Took them this long to figure it out? I’m afraid to know the things they’re teaching their students.

We all have our preferences, especially when it comes to our PCs. Dave Caolo tell us how he wants his Mac customized. Read some of the comments after the story and learn what are other people’s preferences. I have taken one of the ideas and cleaned out my desktop, like it really matters since I rarely get to see my desktop.

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Post-MWSF 2006

I woke up a little before 1 AM today to see what Steve Jobs had to say to Apple fans like me. Months before MWSF 2006 rumors have been flying all over and can’t help but expect a lot of things to happen. The loudest of these rumors was Intel-based Macs but nobody could say which of the Macs will first get the upgrade. Most said that the iBooks are the most likely candidate since these are the Macs that needs the most upgrade, if you will. Another of these rumors were supposed to be new iPods, particularly new shuffles or shuffles with screens. Not considered a rumor was iLife 06, since a slip up by somebody from Apple posted a webpage proclaiming the coming of iLife 06 and the iWeb app. Other rumors included the iPhone, a tablet Mac, and new pricing schemes for iTMS.

As usual though, Steve Jobs like to keep things a secret as much as possible and except for the iLife 06 and iWeb slip up, everybody really didn’t know what Jobs had in store for them.

As I have said, iLife 06 was a no brainer. The iLife suite makes publishing your content, be it words, pictures, audio, or video, much easier to do. The apps brings photocasting with iPhoto, podcasting with GarageBand, and videocasting with iMovie. All these can be integrated and shared with friends and family by using iWeb and a .Mac account.

IWork did not have the “Numbers” application that people were hoping for in the latest release of the suite. The new additions doesn’t have that much of a “wow” in them.

There were no new iPods at all. The only thing iPod related was the iPod remote with FM Tuner that’s selling for $50. It looks like the shuffle’s control and nothing else. I might just get one myself, not for the tuner but for the remote. There also were the figures of 14 million iPods sold on the holiday quarter of 2005 and 42 million iPods sold since 2001. There’s also the stats of 850 million songs and 8 million videos downloaded from iTMS. The usual new video contents for iTMS from ESPN, ABC, and Saturday Night Live.

There were no iPhone, no new pricing scheme, no tablet Macs. But there definitely were Intel Macs.

It wasn’t the iBook though. No one probably though seriously of the iMac as one of the two that is getting the new Intel chip. And why should anybody expect it? The iMac just had an upgrade about 3 months back. A loud groan of consternation probably was heard from those who bought the iMacs with iSight and FrontRow last year. Some people must really be ticked off. Steve Jobs said that these iMacs perform 2-3X better than its PowerPC counterpart. The whole morning’s demo of iLife 06 ran on a Intel iMac. The iMacs are still sold with a 17″ and 20″ screen and priced the same as the G5 iMacs.

The “One more thing…” announcement was expected and unexpected at the same time. People speculated that the PowerBook would most probably get an upgrade at MWSF 2006. It actually didn’t get an upgrade. It was killed off. January 10, 2006 is the day that the PowerBook is laid to rest.

Apple wanted to get away from the PowerPC, and they made a new line of Macs and named it MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is thinner than the 17″ PowerBooks and 4-5x faster than the PowerBook G4s. It sports a display Jobs said that is as bright as the screen of the Apple Cinema displays. It also has a built-in iSight, IR for the Apple Remote, allowing one to control Front Row, and the new MagSafe feature, to prevent the laptop from flying off the table when someone trips over the power cord. He went on the go about the usual selling of the features and how great the MacBook Pro will be. He then announced that the entire Mac line will slowly shift to Intel chips and be done by the end of this year. As the MacBook Pro is to the Powerbook so is the MacBook is to the iBook. But what about the PowerPC? What it will be called is anyone’s guess.

When the keynote started, I noticed the Job was a subdued and had a hard time making the audience react. The audience perhaps was a bit impatient to see if there indeed was to be Intel Macs or not, and any other announcements were not worth the hoot.

But Steve Jobs was not like the Steve Jobs I saw in other keynote presentations. He was less vibrant, less enthusiastic. He looked like he was doing the keynote a bit reluctantly. Perhaps, as one writer surmised, this is his last keynote. His swan song, if you will.

What made me think this? For one thing, before announcing that April 1 of this year was to be the 30th anniversary of Apple’s founding as a company, he cryptically said the he might not be around on April 1 to for the 30th anniversary. He also gave recognition and made the people who worked hard for Apple who were in the audience at that time to stand up and receive their ovation. He also recognized the people in Intel who made the Intel Mac a reality so soon. I had a weird thought way back that when Jobs will make the people behind Apple receive the ovation of the world that he will do this only when he is headed out the door as CEO of Apple.

I wonder if anybody noted that he constantly coughed. Perhaps he had a cold. Perhaps it’s something else.

Am I portenting doom for Apple’s CEO? Why am I being so morbid. I don’t know. Perhaps I am a bit disappointed but at the same time excited at the thought of the new Intel iMac. It’s just the little things that I saw that made me think but I hope that I am wrong. I hope that Steve Jobs still has 5 more years of keynotes and conferences.

I can’t wait to save up and get the new iMac.

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MWSF Rumors

January 9, 2005, 8:23pm
Paul Boutin of BusinessWeek says that persistent rumors are based on what people want and on the products that can be built on the existing technology. He also says that rumors in a way will help Apple decide what product to release next since longstanding rumors would seem to mirror the demand for that type of product.

Another article from BusinessWeek goes into how the transition to Intel is going for Mac software developers. Arik Hessendahl writes that the Mac Transition To Intel 2005 is almost the same as the Transition of OS 9 to OS X of 2001, the Move to System 7 in 1991, and the Change to IBM From Motorola Chipset on 1994. According to most developers, the transition to Intel is easier than expected. Still from BusinessWeek, Peter Burrows confidently claims that Apple will perform well in 2006 but asks does Apple still have more tricks up its sleeves? Enough to satisfy the investors that are expecting more miracles from the company in 2006. And 2006 will not be without its challenges especially from the competitors that are willing to take huge chunks out of the iPod and iTune Music Store market.

And with just one more day to go, Mac fans are all revved up and non-Mac users just can’t understand this phenomena. Tom Bridge explains the mystique Macworld San Francisco has on folks like me. Aside from the conferences and the booths in MWSF, the people are there to hear the words of the High Priest of Apple, Steve Jobs. Tom Bridge and I will be among the millions he can’t go to MWSF, but instead we will be refreshing the pages of Mac related sites as they frantically try to type every word Steve utters during the keynote to try to let those of us not present feel like we’re there experiencing 2006 unfold.

January 8, 2005, 4:37am
Just two days to go before Macworld San Francisco 2006 and the rumors are hot. MacRumors presents a roundup of what might be forthcoming from Apple on January 10. Among these are: Intel Macs, new iPods, and iLife ’06. But iLife ’06 is not considered a rumor. A snapshot of an iLife support page shows the ability to record podcasts in GarageBand. Also this online slip shows in the lower right corner, a box shows the word “iWeb.” IWork ’06 might feature a new addition, a spreadsheet application named “Numbers.”

The keynote presentation by Steve Jobs is the most awaited event in Macworld. Mike Evangelist, who used to work in Apple, reveals that the seemingly nonchanlant way Jobs speaks and moves during his keynote are prepared and rehearsed extensively. Very interesting read from Guardian Unlimited for a behind the scenes look on what goes into every Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld.

Many try to copy Jobs’s flair and finesse on stage but they more often than not look foolish than cool. This week CES is in the spotlight and on the opening night, Gates and his team were on the limelight. But according to one executive, Gates tried to out-Job Jobs but didn’t succeed. The same with Sony’s boss who flipflopped on the question about what people can expect Sony’s response will be to the dominance of the iPod. Yahoo’s demo also didn’t go very well. The introduction of their new service, Yahoo Go TV, was marred by poor internet connection and poorer OS performance. Even Tom Cruise couldn’t save this impossible mission.

David Pogue calls the demoed Vista features as “pure, unadulterated ripoffs from Mac OS X.” A spoof of Gates’s demo is available online. Introducing the Real Windows Vista takes a real look what the Vista really wants to be. The second episode hilariously refers to David Pogue’s article about the Vista demo.

Even if Apple is conspiciously absent from CES, their presence is felt. From companies selling iPod and Mac accessories to cmpanies that are trying to pull the company off its pedestal.

To this day back in 1998: Steve Jobs says, “Oh, yeah, we’re profitable.”

December 31, 2005, 11:05am
For all you Mac fans out there, you just know that its Christmas all over again on January 10.

December 28, 2005, 7:20pm
Quanta and Asustek will continue to make Powerbooks and iBooks for Apple even after the switch to Intel. According to some, Apple has hired Intel to design the new motherboards for the next generation Power Macs. Aside from hardware rumors, some say January 10 will bring out Mac OS 10.4.4 and this release is compiled specifically for Intel chips.

December 25, 2005, 3:23PM
I’ve decided to consolidate the MacWorld rumors into one post and just update the publishing time.

As if have consolidated the different MSWF rumors, so has World of Apple. They list down the most widely circulated rumors and rated them on the chances of the rumor being true. On the top of the list are the PVR or DVR Mac mini, the Intel-based iBooks (with 13.3″ screens), iLife ’06 with Front Row, IR remote and Aperture-like app, and iWork ’06 with “Numbers” (spreadsheet application). Those that didn’t get high ratings are the MacIntel Powerbooks and new iPod shuffle rumors. I personally think there will be new iBooks and Mac minis. Also a lower capacity nano. Powerbooks will come in the middle of the year, perhaps June, with a new look.

December 22, 2005, 7:19PM
Let’s have a round up of the rumors for MacWorld San Francisco 2006. This is from CNN Money:

The most popular is the release of the MacIntels. Some say that this is a very good bet since this will coincide with the release of the Yonah

  • Mac mini upgrade, becoming a digital media device.
  • New shuffles. For me, they will be gone and be replaced by cheaper nanos.
  • The new iPod boom box. Oversized iPod with speakers. I don’t think so.
  • More content deals. But of course.
  • Perhaps MWSF related, PC and consumer electronics companies are teaming up to create a UDI, or Universal Display Interface. The goal is to have just one port that will allow a PC to connect to any HD TV or monitor. This will mean bye-bye to the VGA, DVI and S-Video ports. Perhaps it’s time that these people sit down and create one standard port for all devices.

    December 13, 2005
    Shaw Wu predicts that the first MacIntels will be Mac portables like the Powerbook or iBook, or perhaps lightweight sub-notebooks or palmtops. Wu doesn’t think iMacs will get the Intel chip soon because the PowerPC G5 offers the best price-performance. Think Secret thinks that Apple will introduce a 13.3-inch iBook, replacing the 14-inch model. The new iBook is said to have 15 percent more pixels than the 14-inch and will have WXGA resolution of 1280×720.

    Aside from the Mac rumors for MWSF, there are also iPod rumors, particulary that Apple will release “iPod companion” products. One such “companion” is an iPod boom box.

    December 11, 2005
    Just what do people think MWSF 2006 will bring? Apple Matters shares a few of its thoughts on the biggest rumors on the end of 2005:

    Intel-based Macs: still the number one rumor for MWSF 2006. You just can shake it off. But it’s still up in the air on which Mac will get the Intel chip first.

  • PVR: Apple might let loose a TiVo-like device rather than a competitor for the Window Media Center. This rumor is said to be a favorite of Think Secret
  • New shuffle: Some thinks that the shuffle should have a screen and perhaps come in different colors. Definitely a 2GB can’t be in the offing since this would step on the 2GB nano.
  • November 18, 2005
    Forget about the MacIntel or MacTel Mac minis on January 2006 at MWSF, think about something smaller and more colourful. At least that’s what Apple Insider sees for the shuffle. After reading yesterday about how the shuffle will be discontinued, Kasper Jade now reports that the shuffle just might become smaller and will come in different colours. Smaller? How much smaller? That’ll be really hard to hold and control, unless thay can make it stick on your skin or something. Think Secret’s sources tell them that if the MacIntels are indeed released on MWSF 2006 it would most likely be consumer-based products like the iBooks and Mac minis, rather that the high-end computers.

    So there’ll be something smaller and with more colours. Now, what about something cheaper? Think Secret says that the first MacIntel to be sold will be the iBook; a cheaper iBook. How much cheaper? Think Secret says about $200 cheaper. This is to lure new and current users away from Dell, Sony, or Toshiba.

    November 13, 2005
    You know that 2006 is right around the corner when Apple product rumors start flying around. A JupiterResearch analyst says he won’t be surprised if Intel-based Macs will debut as early as January 2006, at Macworld San Francsisco (MWSF). Macrumors says that it’ll be iMacs and Powerbooks instead of the Mac minis, as some have speculated, that will be the first to get the new Intel processor.

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    Lists, a week with iMac, and not all professors think straight

    Tired of listening to music and podcasts on your iPod. Maybe bored even with watching short movies on your 5th gen. Kottke.org lists 50 fun things to do with your iPod. Most of the tips or suggestions have a link to a product or software that will let you get more things out of your iPod.

    Owen Linzmayer of Informit.com lists ten things he hates about Mac OS X. It’s a case of familiarity breeding contempt.

    Christopher Breen spends a week with an iMac to see if it can replace his TV, TiVO, and 5.1 surround sound system. At the end of the week, his conclusion was that though the iMac is a great computer, it is just not ready to become the touted all-in-one living room device that Mac heads want it to be.

    A Harvard professor says Apple will fail.

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    How-to, Macs and iPods, the competition and the critics, and going a day without Mac

    Some how-to’s…
    How to sell a used Mac. How to install OS X from a hard drive. How to make a Mac Media Center. How to get software for starving students.

    Of Macs and iPods…
    The Logitech Cordless Desktop for Mac. Free non-copy-protected videos for the 5G iPod from Google Video. You can also get other free movies for your 5G iPod. Archive Classic Movies lets you download movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Use their RSS to subscribe using iTunes or other RSS feeders. The Flux announces the first iPod Video Film Festival. It’s a film festival specifically for video made for the fifth-generation iPod.

    The 5G iPod accessory economy is said to be worth $1 billion. One of these accessories is the FUNKIT DJ. It’s the fourth picture in the slideshow.

    The holiday season in the UK drove online music sales higher. Pipper Jaffray predicts 2006 as the “Year of the Mac.” The Luddite likes the iMac G5. Period.

    A word from the competitors and the critics…
    Creative is taking a swing at Apple this time with ZenCasts, an application of which the interface is an obvious rip-off of iTunes. Such an irony to have a company named “Creative.” SanDisk also takes a swing at Apple, releasing a 6GB flash player that is probably aimed to go against the nano. I personally find the design nice. Hopefully Jobs will release an 8GB nano this Monday. I’d definitely buy that one! Here‘s a guy craving for attention calling iPod and iTunes users as dupes without even having used either and here‘s a boob who is barking up the wrong tree it the DRM issue. Someone is unhappy with his videos downloaded from iTMS.

    Sony’s settlement for their stupidity has been tentatively approved.

    Finally, The Unofficial Apple Weblog recalls the experience of one Mac user who used a Windows PC for a day. I had the same problem as he did with trying to evoke Expose everytime I want to access other applications that are open.

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