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Accolades for the iPod. Ranking second in the top 50 greatest gadgets in the last 50 years list. The iPod nano has been crowned as the MP3 player of the year by Stuff magazine. Amazon’s top 3 selling electronic products are the iPods. No details are given which models of the iPod are in the top 3. According to Kiplinger’s , the main advantage of the iPod is its seamless integration with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, and none of the iPod’s rivals can offer anything as seamless.

News on podcasting. Apple might start selling podcasts thru iTMS, this as companies Disney, IBM, and those listed in the Fortune 500 list are jumping into the podcasting bandwagon.

No stopping the juggernaut. In 2005, Apple went full throttle in releasing products like the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, fifth-generation iPod, new iMacs and the Mac mini. Apple also made a bold step forward by offerng downloadable TV shows to complement the 5G iPods and the latest iMacs. With rumors of the Mac mini PVR and possible wireless iPods, many are expecting that Apple will accelerate more in 2006. At $73 per share, Apple’s stock has risen more than 10 times since 2002 and many are wondering what could Apple offer that could propel their stocks to $100 per share.

Through the crystal ball. According to one company, 4% of those surfing the Web are Mac users. But according to one prediction, the figure might rise to 5% in 2006. Other forecasts include iPod-like devices for the home, Mac mini will become a living room appliance, and an iPhone by third-quarter of 2006.

And those other things. The inventor of the World Wide Web and of the first web browser discusses the the current state of Web browsing technology and what are the things that will help make his vision of the Web browser a reality. Speaking of browsers, adoption to Mac from Windows won’t be as easy as adoption to Firefox from IE.

A welcome home message from iPod Garage to their old and new members.

PC Authority reviews the 60 GB 5G iPod and cites serious disappointments in the slimmed down accessories, being locked into the “iTunes system”, and being unable to play WMA files. Who wants to play WMA?!?!?.

One of PC Authority’s complaint is that the 60GB 5G iPod fell short of the 20 hours playback. Here are tips on how to improve your iPod’s battery life.

Apple, aside from revolutionizing the user’s computing experience and the way how people listen to music, they also have revolutionized how a business does retail. Peter Burrows of BusinessWeek Online recalls his experience in doing his last-minute holiday shopping in a Apple Store. Apple has the iPod Express Table, equipped their Apple “Genuises” with wireless credit card scanners, and introduced a wireless, paperless checkout process called EasyPay.

Update: December 28, 2005
The EasyPay system is here to stay as it was considered a big success during the holidays.

News have it that Samsung might sell NAND to Sony, reincarnating the “iPod-killer” prophecy. Again.


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