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Bye-bye, shuffle?; iPod crazy on eBay; free videos; no videos (in Japan); Aussies have it bad

1GB iPod shuffles are hard to come by. As a matter of fact, on Apple Stores, they have the message, “iPod shuffle 1GB.Currently Unavailable. Sold out for holiday. Expected availability mid-January.” There are now speculations that a new iPod will be released to replace the shuffle or perhaps the shuffle will be updated. People at MacDailyNews and iPod Garage have begun speculating on what January 10 will bring? An iPod shuffle with a screen? A 1GB nano at $99? I better start selling my shuffles!

“The Big Thirty: hands-on reviews of thirty Fifth Generation video iPod accessories you should know about,” from iPod Garage.

Free videos from ivideoblast.com for your 5G iPod. Also from Edmunds. Free car reviews and other stuff. Also, 10 tips for city driving.

Jobs may have retired the iPod mini but people still want them. A pink 4GB mini sold for $275 when it originally was being sold at $199. Some sellers are even asking for $400 for an iPod mini. Nanos are selling for $350.

Why are the iPod minis still commanding such a high price when it’s considered obsolete? Christopher Breen from Playlist Mag compares the mini with its usurper, the nano. It’s neck and neck except for desirability. Check out the article to find out who won.

Rivals are having a hard time competing against the iPod. Aside from cool factor and user friendliness, the iPod also has a price advantage over compeititors like Creative and Sony.

NBC will offer more shows on iTMS. In the meantime, Google releases Google music, a service that allows users to easily search artists, lyrics, and CD titles. Are they competing with iTMS? They said no. For now.

The 5G might not take off in Japan since getting content into the iPod might be difficult because of the country’s complicated copyright laws.

Problems with iTMS Down Under. Some albums have songs that are cut half way through. Aussies are not impressed with Apple service.


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