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My cool things for the week

PingMag posted a cute but every informative photo story on the Website Development Process. The photo story cum how-to for dummies shows little plastic figures in a show and tell on how a website is developed. It identifies a girl as the “designer,” an eye-patch wearing, gaunt faced character in a business suit as the “client,” and a robot as the “programmer.” There are 15 steps in developing a website, from discussion with the client to launching of the website. This is just so timely for me since I’m planning develop a website for the department. Finding the Basics of the Unix Philosophy is also timely, since, in my opinion, making a webpage is like creating a program. Thanks to a comment on Software Quality blogspot for providing a link to the website.

There is an online instant messaging system which you can use to send IM to your friends without having to install any software on your PC. Meebo lets you send IM from services like AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, and MSN. Meebo is still in alpha and have been operational for 3 months. According to the website, the passwords that you enter are encrypted using 1024-bit RSA keys. This is a great service and hopefully will go into version 1.0 soon.

I found Meebo on Walt Mossberg’s Personal Technology column where he answered letters in his mailbag. The questions were: how to send IM without installing a software (Meebo), how dare Mossberg suggest buying Macs now when MacIntels are coming (doesn’t matter. Macs today will still be useful for 2 plus years), how fast should a PC for a mom be (no so much if for Web use only. Just load up on memory), and Macs aren’t for everyone (yeah, that’s you, Gamer).

I found Apple’s online seminars or webinars, and Yanko Design, designers of the Blowfly alarm clock. This is an alarm clock that will make sure you won’t hit the anooze button to catch a few more zzz’s. The blowfly will get out of its ‘cage’ and start flying around your room and produce sounds. You have to get up, get out of bed, and catch it to turn it off.


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