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Macsimum News reviews the 5G iPod. It goes into the details of the screen and video support, then into the missing Remote Port. Macsimum News give the fifth-generation iPod a 8 out of 10.

You have your new 5G iPod that can do videos but where can you get those videos for your iPod without having to pay $1.99 for it. Then head over to Veoh.com and you will be able to download over 3,000 videos for your iPod. I’ve been to the site and it requires you to download thei software before you can start downloading videos. I think I’ll wait for reviews about this service before I start downloading stuff from them.

The iPod is popular. Now that’s an understatement. It owns about 80% for the world’s marketshare in digital music players. But being on top comes with a price as exemplified by Nick Wingfield and Sandra Ali. Nick Wingfield’s article starts with a title alluding that the iPod is to be blamed for the rise in piracy. Sandra Ali, in the meantime, calls the 5G iPod as a potential smut device, saying that a website already offers porn for the video-enable iPod. Ali seems to forget that porn has been available in the net even before the 5G iPod came out. You don’t need an iPod to view porn on the go. There are mobile phones and PDAs that can do that. Ali clearly is just trying to ride on the iPod.

Everyone wants to be a DJ“, says Brian Toro, a manager of a bar in Chicago. Bar Louie allows people to share their music by giving their iPod to the bartender. The bartender then plays the music selection the patron wants to share with the crowd. Amateur DJing, according to John von Seggern, a laptop DJ and producer in Los Angeles, along with podcasting, blogging, and musiciand and suthors selling their own works shows the movement towards decentralization of media.

The iPod, according to Apple Matters, is not a fad that refused to die, but a calculated effort to keep a product as hip as long as possible. Read the story on the execution of a marketing strategy that has one product see itself reincarnated several times and better the one previous it.

Apple seems to just had it. Apple sent a letter of complaint to a South Korean company to stop copying the design of Apple’s products.

There is an increase in the sales of the iPod shuffle and the 2GB iPod as holiday shoppers are looking at the price point rather than on storge capacity. When the iPod nano came out, the 4GB was outselling the 2GB version and analyts and naysayers said that the 2GB was a mistake and that Apple shouldn’t have bothered releasing it. But Apple seems to have an ability that’s close to precognition, foreseeing the consumers concern for price during the holiday season.

Lastly, who says the iPod is just a fad, a craze, an expensive music playing device? The iPod also is worth investing in for your intellectual improvement.


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