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Accolades for the iPod. Ranking second in the top 50 greatest gadgets in the last 50 years list. The iPod nano has been crowned as the MP3 player of the year by Stuff magazine. Amazon’s top 3 selling electronic products are the iPods. No details are given which models of the iPod are in the top 3. According to Kiplinger’s , the main advantage of the iPod is its seamless integration with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, and none of the iPod’s rivals can offer anything as seamless.

News on podcasting. Apple might start selling podcasts thru iTMS, this as companies Disney, IBM, and those listed in the Fortune 500 list are jumping into the podcasting bandwagon.

No stopping the juggernaut. In 2005, Apple went full throttle in releasing products like the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, fifth-generation iPod, new iMacs and the Mac mini. Apple also made a bold step forward by offerng downloadable TV shows to complement the 5G iPods and the latest iMacs. With rumors of the Mac mini PVR and possible wireless iPods, many are expecting that Apple will accelerate more in 2006. At $73 per share, Apple’s stock has risen more than 10 times since 2002 and many are wondering what could Apple offer that could propel their stocks to $100 per share.

Through the crystal ball. According to one company, 4% of those surfing the Web are Mac users. But according to one prediction, the figure might rise to 5% in 2006. Other forecasts include iPod-like devices for the home, Mac mini will become a living room appliance, and an iPhone by third-quarter of 2006.

And those other things. The inventor of the World Wide Web and of the first web browser discusses the the current state of Web browsing technology and what are the things that will help make his vision of the Web browser a reality. Speaking of browsers, adoption to Mac from Windows won’t be as easy as adoption to Firefox from IE.

A welcome home message from iPod Garage to their old and new members.

PC Authority reviews the 60 GB 5G iPod and cites serious disappointments in the slimmed down accessories, being locked into the “iTunes system”, and being unable to play WMA files. Who wants to play WMA?!?!?.

One of PC Authority’s complaint is that the 60GB 5G iPod fell short of the 20 hours playback. Here are tips on how to improve your iPod’s battery life.

Apple, aside from revolutionizing the user’s computing experience and the way how people listen to music, they also have revolutionized how a business does retail. Peter Burrows of BusinessWeek Online recalls his experience in doing his last-minute holiday shopping in a Apple Store. Apple has the iPod Express Table, equipped their Apple “Genuises” with wireless credit card scanners, and introduced a wireless, paperless checkout process called EasyPay.

Update: December 28, 2005
The EasyPay system is here to stay as it was considered a big success during the holidays.

News have it that Samsung might sell NAND to Sony, reincarnating the “iPod-killer” prophecy. Again.


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Slow Weekend News

First up, let’s get into boredom, as in “people are bored with all the MacIntel rumors.”

Next, let’s get into reality, and that people sometimes don’t know what they are getting into. Especially when it comes to buying iPods. Good thing there was a good-looking guy available to enlighten the confused masses ready to shell out hundreds of dollars.

Another dose of reality. This time reality tells us that USA Today is just gosh darn not worth it. After one of their writers suffers a case of stupid, another one suffers a case of not-researching-well-enough. He may have heaped praises on the fifth-generation iPod, but writing “…iPodders at Apple have added TV to their music box, streaming Apple Store-supplied video onto a screen…” just makes you look dumb.

Let me add a twist of irony. Symantec’s anti-virus for Mac actually helps viruses get into Mac PCs.

Lastly, let’s finish off with let’s-not-link-to-stories-about-Macs-in-the-dustbin-on-2006-stories attitude, of which things like those really irks TUAW.

Just some add-ons and extenders.

iPodDisk 1.0 beta1 has been released. This app allows you to copy off songs from your iPod to any PC. This is in the event of your PC’s hard drive suddenly failing, or losing your portable or get it stolen.

Writely is an online word processor. It allows you to create a web document online and share it with other people. This does not work with Safari and the developrs say it’s Safari’s fault, not theirs.

Learn to tke control of your PC with PHP form MacTeens. That’s it.

Shift through the zircons to get a diamond.

And that folks, is that. It’s that time of year again where family members gather to celebrate another round of gluttony and gorging. Happy Holidays, everyone! Mind the cholesterol.

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The Year of the iPod; the Age of the iPod; the iPod on the top of the list; up to 11 million iPods

The iPod takes four positions in the top ten of most searched term in Froogle. It took the #1, #4, #8, and #10 places.

Analysts from Piper Jaffray raised their estimated 9 million iPods to be sold in the last quarter to 11 million.

It’s the year of the iPod in Japan. News has it that Apple has taken 60% of the digital music player market in November. This is compared to Sony’s 10%. Sony is having a bad fourth quarter. From the DRM debacle to the new lawsuits filed by Texas to losing ground to Apple. What else could go wrong?

From the year of the iPod, let’s take lessons from the Age of the iPod and these are: being first is not important. Timing is. Design the right products and services; success often comes in making the whole much, much better than the parts and; don’t sacrifice quality for price. Knocking down a product for everyone to buy is not a good idea. Learn to revolutionize then learn to evolve.

Pakman suggests that the other online music services DRM do away with DRM on songs that are not selling well anymore. He also says that his company, eMusic, is doing as well as iTMS is.

By the way, you can get your iPod invisa on eBay.

Chris Howard wants an iPod with a Swiss army knife.

PC Magazine offers 6 ways to connect your iPod to your car. (I went the cheap way and “borrowed” my brother’s casette adapter.)

The Unofficial Apple Weblog gives tips on compression settings for your 5G iPod.

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Apple and Mac news

Apple had 57% more visitors last November when compared to the other year. From 19, 615,000 on November 2004, it’s up 57% to 30,845,000.

LowEndMac has very interesting stories about Apple. The most recent is about an Apple CEO who stayed for only 500 days at the helm. This happened in the mid-90s when Apple was sinking. More stories like the return of Steve Jobs to Apple and how a man changed the Mac’s direction.

USA Today must be losing readership since they are willing to print out garbage.

People from Cincinnati are also craving for attention. After calling the iPod as a “smut device,” another Cincinntian takes another stab at the iPod, calling it a waste of money. What’s with people from Cincinnati?

BusinessWeek has a rebuttal to USA Today’s inane article, saying that even though Jobs will get hosed on 2006, just like what’s happened in the past, he will get back up that pedestal USA Today mentioned.

Interestingly enough, The Mac Observer has an “Apple Death Knell” counter. The piece from USA Today is #48, and for the most part, this particularly Death Knell is weak and offers no real reason on why the wreiter thinks Apple, or more specifically, Jobs, will perish, that is except to just gain readership and visitor counts. Man, pathetic.

Texas adds another item to its lawsuit against Sony. On November, Texas Attorney General filed a lwasuit against Sony for their deceptive trade practices and installing spyware in Texans’ computers.

Apple Matters’s James Stoup has his own “Top (number here) stories of/for 200x.” His “Soon To Be Most Hyped Up Non-Stories of 2006” lists four stories Stoup thinks will be all over the news on 2006. He calls it as the “over optimistic tech analysis” reports from various sources. (He adds six more in the comments section to fulfill the need of the usual “Top Ten” lists of things a reader was craving for.) My favorite is the “The iPod Killer,” prodcuts that will set to replace the iPod as the world’s number one DMP. Reader more for a laugh or a slap in the face that will wake you up and make you face reality.

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1GB nano?; Better times for Apple; Jobs in Time; the commuting Carr; the better Mac

On my post #291, I foresaw a 1GB iPod nano. Guess what? Apple Insider carried a story that said some people in Apple are actually mulling over a 1GB version of the nano and that it will be priced aggresively at $149. I was too hopeful for a $99 1GB nano. Heh. Also included in the article, Apple is building and shipping 100,000 of the nano each day.

Taipei Times says that Apple will perform significantly on 2006, beating companies like Dell, Acer, HP, and Toshiba.

A New York Times columnist says that the 5G iPod gives him the ‘me’ time during his commute. TV shows from iTMS like ‘Lost’ gives David Carr a “new kind of private, restorative time, a virtual third place between a frantic workplace and a home brimming with activity.” And with 3 million shows downloaded so far, Carr is not alone.

Time names Steve Jobs as one of the People Who Mattered in 2005. “Jobs’ thoughts tend to become our reality. What will he think of next?” This is after BusinessWeek Online names him as one of the Best Leaders: Exec and the nano one of their “Best Products.”
Adam Curry is also named as one of the Best Leaders: Entepreneur. “In just 18 months, Adam Curry has sparked a creative revolution online.” A survey also lists Jobs as the second most admired CEO, but MacWorld points out that this survey has too many inconsistencies to be considered as reliable.

Apple does the right thing, not the cheap thing.

Get OS X’s background maintenance tasks.

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Slow news weekend

CNN gives the Top Ten Web Moments in 15 years of the World Wide Web.

Chris Howard does a top ten, too, but on the developments that shaped how people use the Internet. This is a better read in my opinion.

GMail can now be accessed using your cellphone. You can use the address http://m.gmail.com/ to get your read you emails from GMail. There is a list of compatible phones over at Google. Looking at the page, I get the impression that this service might be available in the US only. I tried it this morning and I couldn’t get in. I thought at that time it could have been Globe’s fault but now I’m not so sure.

“From Philly to the Philippines, Amy can yak away” I didn’t realize how much an impact the flight of Filipinos have been until I saw the picture from Yak.com. Yak offers a wide range of services, from toll free services to cellular long distance and from data services to broadband voice. They also have Yak for free, which allows users to make and receive phone calls with real-time video. I’d like to try this out soon. You have to download their Virtual VideoPhone software which is available for Mac and Windows.

Macworld editors got flak from Breen for giving both the 5G iPod and iPod nano the Editor’s Choice labels for Best iPod of the Year. Stung from being called “babies” they try to justify why both got their thumbs up. But for The Mac Observer’s Ted Landau, the nano is not worth picking over the fifth-generation iPod. For him, it’s all about the video.

Another clear film for the 5G iPod is out. TrendyGeek releases the Trendy Shield, Video iPod shield and sells it for $12.99. It uses static to make the plastic cling onto the iPod. This is $6.00 more expensive than the Best Skin Ever for the 5G iPod, though it seems ‘better’ since it doesn’t leave any residue on the iPod when the skin is removed.

IPod Garage reviews a case for the 5G iPod that I have had my eyes on. The Contour Design iSee video looks real nice except that it cost $25.95. But I might get this, too.

PCWorld says that Apple portables and iPods topped its reliability survey again, however, the desktops didn’t get the same distinction.

Apple Matters interviews John Batelle, entrepreneur, journalist, professor, author, founder, and chairman. The interviews revolves around two giants: Apple and Google.

Get to know the alternatives: VLC and MPlayer. THey fill up what Quicktime can’t.

Last but not least, I love my Mac song. Dang.

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Bye-bye, shuffle?; iPod crazy on eBay; free videos; no videos (in Japan); Aussies have it bad

1GB iPod shuffles are hard to come by. As a matter of fact, on Apple Stores, they have the message, “iPod shuffle 1GB.Currently Unavailable. Sold out for holiday. Expected availability mid-January.” There are now speculations that a new iPod will be released to replace the shuffle or perhaps the shuffle will be updated. People at MacDailyNews and iPod Garage have begun speculating on what January 10 will bring? An iPod shuffle with a screen? A 1GB nano at $99? I better start selling my shuffles!

“The Big Thirty: hands-on reviews of thirty Fifth Generation video iPod accessories you should know about,” from iPod Garage.

Free videos from ivideoblast.com for your 5G iPod. Also from Edmunds. Free car reviews and other stuff. Also, 10 tips for city driving.

Jobs may have retired the iPod mini but people still want them. A pink 4GB mini sold for $275 when it originally was being sold at $199. Some sellers are even asking for $400 for an iPod mini. Nanos are selling for $350.

Why are the iPod minis still commanding such a high price when it’s considered obsolete? Christopher Breen from Playlist Mag compares the mini with its usurper, the nano. It’s neck and neck except for desirability. Check out the article to find out who won.

Rivals are having a hard time competing against the iPod. Aside from cool factor and user friendliness, the iPod also has a price advantage over compeititors like Creative and Sony.

NBC will offer more shows on iTMS. In the meantime, Google releases Google music, a service that allows users to easily search artists, lyrics, and CD titles. Are they competing with iTMS? They said no. For now.

The 5G might not take off in Japan since getting content into the iPod might be difficult because of the country’s complicated copyright laws.

Problems with iTMS Down Under. Some albums have songs that are cut half way through. Aussies are not impressed with Apple service.

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Macs here. There. Everywhere! More rumors, too!

Apple’s key events for 2005. No mention of Aperture release.

Apple just keeps on trouncing them. From the iPod to the iMac to proposed digital media hubs.

Using Linux isn’t all that

Thurott trumpets Macs. Says photo and video editing is better than Windows.

Someone got the boot because shes uses Macs, and they add that students using Macs “are not being prepared from the real world.”

Some Powerbook users are unhappy.

Oklahoma City University becomes a “Windows computing alternative” Digital Campus. They are offered discounted Powerbooks, iPods, and iSights.

Rumors Time: Will Intel stick the Inside sticker on Macs? Will Apple allow them to? Apple and Intel could be disruptive and will also try to invade your living room on 2006. Morgan Stanley predicts an iPhone on 2006

Lastly, Konfabulator is no more. It is now called Yahoo! Widget Engine.

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News in a quick

I’m going to try to summarize all the news for the past few days in thirty minutes.

Five Rules of Cool:

  • Excellence trumps everything
  • Decide on your story, then stick to it
  • Choose your friends well
  • Choose your enemies better
  • Let your allies play bad cop
    Download the article here.

    Google is developing Google Earth for Mac OS X. Google allows users to type in an address and the application will “fly” to the satellite image of that address. UNEASY Silence has a link to the file for download.

    BostonHerald.com highly recommends the 5G iPod, calling it a better alternative to getting cable and watching “stuttervision.” The 5G iPod is also being touted as a new distribution channel for video, allowing those who has previously failed in getting their content out, make their work more accessible.

    Shaw Wu predicts that the first MacIntels will be Mac portables like the Powerbook or iBook, or perhaps lightweight sub-notebooks or palmtops. Wu doesn’t think iMacs will get the Intel chip soon because the PowerPC G5 offers the best price-performance. Think Secret thinks that Apple will introduce a 13.3-inch iBook, replacing the 14-inch model. The new iBook is said to have 15 percent more pixels than the 14-inch and will have WXGA resolution of 1280×720.

    Aside from the Mac rumors for MWSF, there are also iPod rumors, particulary that Apple will release “iPod companion” products. One such “companion” is an iPod boom box.

    Plays of the Year 2005 lists down the stand-out products of 2005.

    BusinessWeek Online also has the Best of 2005, listing Steve Jobs as one of the “Best Leaders” and the iPod nano as one

    Speaking of the iPod nano, it and the iPod are expected to bury rival digital audio players during the holiday season. Another company has just died under the click wheel. Thomson, a french company, is set to sell its consumer electronics division to concentrate more in media services.

    Opus spoofs Steve Jobs.

    Gorog say Apple is villain. Ugh!

    Ohio seems to love feeding people FUD. After Sandra Ali talks trash about the iPod propagating porn, Chris Seper of Cleveland, OH, says that people who buy iPods are naive and stupid. He also says that there have been dented iPods. First time I heard of dented iPods.

    A hot topic goes: “Which is better in introducing children to computers? Mac or Windows?” Dave Taylor tries to be unbiased in his response but ultimately as a parent, he sees his kids use the Mac more.

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  • Macworld rumors update; podcasting bits

    Just what do people think MWSF 2006 will bring? Apple Matters shares a few of its thoughts on the biggest rumors on the end of 2005:

  • Intel-based Macs: still the number one rumor for MWSF 2006. You just can shake it off. But it’s still up in the air on which Mac will get the Intel chip first.
  • PVR: Apple might let loose a TiVo-like device rather than a competitor for the Window Media Center. This rumor is said to be a favorite of Think Secret
  • New shuffle: Some thinks that the shuffle should have a screen and perhaps come in different colors. Definitely a 2GB can’t be in the offing since this would step on the 2GB nano.
  • I consider podcasting as a way to free the listener from the cartel composed of regulators and music labels. But it would seem this cartel is going into indie music, as well. It is in the guise of the Association of Independent Music who would require podcasters to pay licensing fees for the use of the music of its acts. Why would anybody pay a fee when there are music out there that you don’t have to pay anything to play in your podcast. These talents are at par, if not better, with what AIM has to offer.

    Research reveals that 85% of US residents 18-24 years of age prefer to listen to iPods than to listen to radio. This is based on study conducted between July and November 2005. It also revealed that 55% are willing to pay for music downloads and 56% listen to music online or on a digital music player rather than on any other source.

    Lastly, is 128 AAC better than 128 MP3?

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