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Two iMac reviews, a Mac mini review, and someone’s favorite things

A Computerworld journalist reviews the latest iMac G5, marvelling at the fact that she unpacked, set up, and made it go, all by herself. She also loves the minimalist design and the silence, both putting to shame her old computer. She likes the mouse and dismisses the attempts of some to pooh-pooh over the iMac because of the dreaded one button mouse. This review is better than some out there since this is a point of view from a non-tech, non-geek user. This is just your everyday, average Jane who likely won’t complain about the amount of frontside bus or the non-upgradable GPU or some other stuff that only OC Windows fantics would complain about. Speaking of which….

James Coates of the Chicago Tribune reviews the 20″ iMac G5 and says that it’s “the latest evolution in personal computing, and there is no doubt that (lower case) intelligent design was at work.” Even though Coates crows about Front Row and says that you won’t go wrong in picking the iMac over Windows PCs, he still gets some things wrong. Quite obvious that this guy is misinformed with statements such as “Apple owning only about 6 percent of the world market,” and claims that there are no good softwares for the Mac. He also says that Mac owners are “short-changed by software companies.” Another fallacious statement is that Safari works the same as Internet Explorer. Anybdy can see that IE can’t do tabs. To Coates, having Google Earth not work on Macs is a tragedy. He may made a glowing review but he should have done more research.

Another review, this time for the Mac mini. A long time Linux user bought a Mac mini and list down his likes and gripes. He likes the Mac’s GUI and general user experience but puts Linux first when it comes to networking and operating system.

Finally, not entirely Mac related but it the article has Mac OS 10.4 in it so I decided to include it. Andy Ihnatko lists down his favorite things. From the STM Sports Backpack to Flickr. From Mac OS 10.4 to the Palm LifeDrive (huh?).


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