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My 5G iPod and my cellphone

I heard from a podcast (I forget if it was Mac Cast, InsideMac, or TWIT) that some people were having problems with their iPods when placed near a cellphone. The podcast wasn’t so specific but someone remarked, “I wouldn’t put my iPod near a cellphone in the first place.” I agreed to that remark but I got careless.

Today, as I was getting ready for my noon nap, I plugged myself into my iPod and got MacCast going. I set the timer to 15 minutes and laid down. I was expecting an SMS message and I unthinkingly placed my Sony Ericsson K700i about 8 centimeters from my iPod. I closed my eyes and as I was drfting off to sleep the volume of the podcast I was listening to went up and down. I thought, “Something must be wrong with the podcast.” Then I heard the familiar sound a speaker makes when a cellphone is near it. I quickly looked at my iPod and the volume bar was going up and down like crazy. I yanked the cellphone away from the iPod and things went back to normal.

I googled for “iPod-cellphone-problem-interference” and found several hits that had the same problem that I just had. But there was one blog that said that his 5G iPod goes crazy everytime someone calls him on his cellphone. Everytime? I think that’s too much. What did he do, glued his cellphone at the back of his iPod?

I guess I’m rather late in this news since many websites and blogs already have featured this problem.

Anyway, it’s strange for people to be complaining about this “problem.” The solution is really simple. Don’t put your cellphone near your iPod or vice versa. I mean, there’s no absolutely need for your iPod and cellphone to be so close together, is there?


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