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Slow Sunday Bites

According to a Seattle Times writer, the latest iMacs and iPods will prompt some to upgrade. The potential selling points are the new iPod’s bigger screen and video capabilities, and the iMac’s Front Row and built-in iSight.

LowEndMac recalls the history five years after the Mac was suppose to die. Many things have changed since 2000, from the prediction of extinction to being the most innovative computer company today. And people are speculating that 6 months from the day that hell froze over, Apple will be releasing the MacIntels. This is 5 months earlier that what Steve Jobs said. Rumor mills are churning rapidly, spewing out speculations and predictions that Mac minis will be the first MacIntels to be sold to consumers While some say it will be the iBooks, or the Powerbooks, or the iMacs. My bets would be on the consumer PCs, the iBooks and Mac minis. The iMac just had a recent upgrade. Powerbooks might need more work since Apple needs to revamp the old, old design. So I’m throwing in my predictions: MacIntels in the form of iBooks and Mac minis. Maybe a Mac PDA, too.

iTunes Music Store UK takes the number one spot. It has taken 54 per cent of the marketshare while the nearest competitor has only 10 per cent.

Read ‘Just Say No to Microsoft.’ Check out this website, too. Find out what’s wrong with Microsoft.


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