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Rumors: New are hot that come January 2006 at MacWorld San Francisco, MacIntels are sure to come out. An article goes out to say that the new MacIntels are going to be Mac minis while some say it will be Powerbooks that will have the new processor.

But if you simply can’t wait to get a Mac running in an Intel machine, then just build it yourself. ExtremeTech list in detail the components you need in buidling your own MacIntel now. If you have nothing else better to do or you simply want to hack, then check the tutorial out. I’d like to try it myself but I simple don’t have the time to do it. Unless…

Computerworld guarantees that you’ll love the Power Mac Quad G5 and that you should place your orders now.

USA Today’s Edward Baig talks about Front Row and how it turns the latest iMac as a digital hub for the home and the remote control that let’s you control up to 30 feet away. He recommends the iMac even only for Front Row but he was disappointed on why there is no TV tuner included. When you look at it though, you don’t need a TV tuner considering you can watch Lost and Desperate Housewives on the iMac after downloading it from iTMS. I’d buy an iMac if I had the money. Front Row would be a hoot. The only thing I’d miss would be watching Fairly Oddparents and The Simpsons. Other than that, I don’t watch TV much anymore and the iMac 17″ or 20″ would be great. By the way, Baig gives the new iMac 3 1/2 stars out of 5 (and just because it doesn’t have a TV tuner).

Popular Science puts the spotligh on Spotlight as one of the Best of What’s New in Computing for 2005.

Apple Matters asks you: how much is style worth? How much cheaper should a Mac be before you will consider it over a Windows PC?

Here’s a tutorial on Mac OS X’s Preference on MacFixit.com.

Last but not the least, get the story behind 1984.


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