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Switch!; MWSF 2006; *gasp!* Windows!

Switchers and switching
A Needham & Co. financial analyst said that a considerable number of Windows users have switched over to Macs. The ‘halo effect’ might have something to do with it, but there’s also the perception by switchers that Mac PCs suffer “less from the daily irritants of viruses, spyware, and worms.” “Less?” Why not try “none?”

With the increase in switchers, it’s no wonder that Apple Stores are packed with people for their holiday splurge, while Windows PCs retailers, as big as their marketshare may be, experiences a slow bleed in their number of sales. Perhaps it is this show of strong sales that some people think that Apple might just outlast other American companies.

Are you thinking of getting a Mac? Walt Mossberg answers some
questions about switching (I don’t know how many times he’s done this already). How’s the quality of Macs compared to other PCs? Do Macs run Windows and Windows apps? Are Macs more secure?

More MacIntel rumors
You know that 2006 is right around the corner when Apple product rumors start flying around. A JupiterResearch analyst says he won’t be surprised if Intel-based Macs will debut as early as January 2006, at Macworld San Francsisco (MWSF). Macrumors says that it’ll be iMacs and Powerbooks instead of the Mac minis, as some have speculated, that will be the first to get the new Intel processor.

Windows after delaying Longhorn, has announced they will delay Windows Vista Beta 2. Well, it’s only for two to three months.

Gartner analysts say that companies should delay upgrading to Vista until 2008. Why even bother to upgrade?

I’m tired of this Microsoft bit, so read about the very disruptive changes from competitors and can Microsoft ever compete without breaking the law?


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