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The podcasting revolution

The iPod started out as a digital music player during a time when the world was thrown into shambles. It took two years before sales started to indicate that the iPod is more than a music player. It took a little more time before it become an icon.

The iPod is now recognized to have started a revolution. A revolution that started with a few people who had something or nothing to say. A revolution that quickly caught the imaginations of thousands to this day, who saw the potential of this new medium to reach out to people and tell them what they had in mind. And even though he cannot take all the credit, Adam Curry is recognized as igniting a spark that has caused a tinder to burn and now rages, spreading like wildfire. Adam Curry is the Podfather, and podcasting is the revolution.

Podcasting has been called the new radio. But this is far better than radio, that calling it as the ‘new radio’ just doesn’t fit. It simply doesn’t sound right.

What podcasting does is allow you to listen to the things that [b]you[/b] want, when [b]you[/b] want to. You pick the station, and you listen to it when you want to. Podcasting is therefore all about the user. It is by the user, of the user, and for the user.

Now, Adam Curry and some other podcaster has gone further to free the listeners from the shackles of influences that we do not even want. Podsafe music is all about music that can be played on podcasts without fear of reprisal from some big, greedy company. Perhaps there will come a time when big artists will wake up and realize that they are taking part in the efforts by companies to lock down the ears of the listeners. Perhaps one day pigs will fly. These artists are perhaps too busy counting their money to know what’s going.

But from what I’ve heard, there are already a growing number of people who can go up against these big label artists, and they are all over.

The revolution is on and it’s spreading fast. It is not only about getting your voice be heard by people all over. The movement has grown. It’s now about giving people the right to choose, a right the we rightfully own.

On October 2001, a white-coloured handheld device, was introduced to the world by a man in a black turtleneck sweater. Four years later, a revolution is going on, sparked and fueled by the successors of that device. From the promise of 1,250 songs in your pocket to the promise of emancipation, the iPod is more than just a fad. It has elevated blogging to audio and then to video.

Those are my thoughts. Read “The revolution is being podcast, in iPod Garage.


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