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Intel mini?; Apple retailer map; simplicity by itself; sue Sony instead

UBS predicts that come January 2006, Apple will have more video content and probably will release the first of its Intel based Macs in the form of the Mac mini, much earlier than the June 2006 schedule that Steve Jobs have set. This is not surprising anymore since Jobs likes to pull off things like this. Come to think of it, there’s nothing else that Jobs could release on January next year. The most logical surprise would be Intel-based Macs. Besides, iPods and iTMS are beginning to bore me. New Macs would definitely keep things interesting. This prediction is a little more specific than what AppleInsider has said.

Google Map has all the Apple retail stores in the US.

Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post lauds the simplicity of Front Row and the remote that controls it. That while the rest of the computer industry strives to put ‘more’ into their products, Apple lives by putting in ‘less’. But ‘less’ doesn’t mean useless. Instead, Apple strives to come up with how less can become more, and this perhaps entails more work and effort. Pegoraro does mention a shortcoming of Front Row; that it runs only in the new iMac G5.

A research firm predicts Apple will sell 10 million iPods this holiday season. The research firm also says that there is a growing industry in selling second-hand iPods. The 10 million iPods is sweet music to the growing number of idiots, we call as lawyers, who now are seeking to expand the nano lawsuit to include people in other countries. I wonder how come these idiots aren’t suing Sony for installing malware into millions of computers worldwide. Not only that, Sony is advocating the use of a software that will allow viruses or malicious software to become ‘invisible’ to users. Sony’s nefarious acts is quickly spreading.


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