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More switchers

I managed to make someone switch to a Mac again but for some strange reason she said she hasn’t used it yet since she didn’t know how to. Weird.

On the same note, a BusinessWeek writer has decided to switch to a Mac and is asking his readers for advice on which one to get: an iBook or a Powerbook? Look at all the reponses he got at the bottom of the article. Perhaps, it is timely that MacWorld has published its review of the latest Powerbooks. Someone point him to MacWorld, please.

One opinion doesn’t want to contribute the rise in Mac sales wholly to the ‘halo effect’ from the iPod. He agrees that iPod sales probably did have an influence on people switching to the Mac platform, but he would also like to attribute it to the near complete transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X from those old users who bought their Macs 5 years or so ago.

While some are elated with Apple’s success and rise, one writer cautions that lightning may strike twice. In this case, the lightning might be one of dismal failures. The writer recounts the success that Apple enjoyed during the 80’s only to take a sudden plunge because of design flaws in thir products. The writer calls Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, as “an egomaniac prone to believing there is only one possible solution: his.” He recalls doomed products such as the Lisa, the Newton and the PowerPC G4 cube. So, will the lightning of failure strike Apple twice? Apple fanatics (and stockholders) hope not. Perhaps age and wisdom will bring a better future for the company.


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