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Hurrahs and boos for October 12

After the big announcement on October 12th let’s take a look at the reactions around the industry and all over the internet.

Forrester Research attributes the transformation of music distribution to Apple and thinks that the company also transform how video will be distributed.

Everything’s so hush-hush at Apple, even ABC’s affiliates didn’t know about the partnership until after the red curtains were drawn back. One of the major concerns about having TV shows on iTMS was how ABC’s affiliates would react. Apparently, they weren’t resentful about not being told ahead of time and that they were okay with the deal.

Motley Fool reports that Apple gets lost and desperate. The top two shows in the US, Desperate Housewives and Lost, are now available for download in iTMS. The article thinks that with this partnership with ABC, which is owned by Disney, Jobs and Eisner might be on the way to reconciliation and on to bigger things. But Cringely thinks that this ‘partnership’ might be an experiment. Definitely for Apple but more so for the different companies who are waiting to see if and when pirates copies of Lost or Desperate Housewives start appearing on bittorrent and other P2P networks.

The head of Microsoft’s eHome division calls Front Row as “sad” since it lacks the clutter of their Media Center.

Slate, an MSN lackey, asks what the hubbub is all about. There are so many things wrong in the article like stating Apple’s marketshare at 1.8%. Ironically, Slate proudly states that you can download their “iPod-compatible” podcasts in their website.

The piece de resistance of this whole thing is that David “the Whiner” Winer predicts the iPod is ultimately doomed to fail because it allows little participation from the outside world. What about podcasts, whiner? What do you call that? but he does admit that he’s just rambling. A whining rambling *****.

Apple bloggers aren’t so aren’t so hot with the video iPod, either. Though they do like the new iMac.

MSN Tech and Gadgets gives the lowdown on the October 12 announcement.


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