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It’s all about the money

Warner CEO has been unjustly attributed to have said that they plan to decapitate Apple’s iTune Music Store. Instead, this little news was attributed to a lawyer for the music labels. Warner = sharks = lawyers. I don’t see any difference.

Though the record labels think that Apple is being unfair, Steve Jobs still think the $0.99 pricing is perfect. Some people have called these record exectives as “ungrateful wankers.” Dvorak notes that the record companies are not fighting with Steve Jobs over the pricing out of pride but their ability to screw over artists. At least, other countries have iTMS. UK doesn’t. UK record labels aren’t helping, that bunch of ungrateful wankers.

And speaking of screwing, Ed “screw the nano but I mean it as a joke” Zander says that Apple will be building its own phone in the future. And not just any other phone, it will be a smartphone.

A blogger complains about how DRM doesn’t let him play music on his $20,000 sound system. This high-end audiophile likes to listen to 128kbps music files. Wow.

Why won’t Apple upcharge? Is it perhaps Jobs have solidified the iTunes Music Store’s presence with all the iPods sold, and with that what Jobs wants, Jobs gets? Maybe the $0.99 pricing is a bit unfair to the music labels, but there might also be a bit of truth when Jobs said that increasing prices would drive away customers and this would mean back to piracy for most of them.


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