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Yesterday while daydreaming about what gadgets to get, my thoughts just wandered to what would be my next phone. I am wrestling between the SE K750i and the Nokia 6681. Both are almost the same in cost but even though the K750i has a 2MP camera, Nokia is a smartphone and I am imagining that I can do more with the phone. Besides, SE thinks that Asians can’t spell. Idiots.

Anyhoo, my thoughts turned to the iPod nano and was wrestling with the idea of whether to get one. Then the images of a phone and the iPod merged. I wondered whether there will be an iPhone in the future, and I don’t mean the ROKR. That phone is a C-R-A-P.

I started to think the nano would look nice as a phone but the click wheel’s going to be a problem. But I also thought that the iPod’s menu is structured nicely that it would be a great menu for a phone. Imagine using the click wheel to navigate thru your settings, games, songs, the address book… I then realized at that point that, yes, it would be difficult to type in names and numbers but then again you don’t have to. All you need to do is to get your contacts from your Mac computer. There’s the obvious problem of what if you want to add another contact or, worse yet sending an SMS. Well… I’ll let them figure that out. As of the moment I’m thinking of how nice it would be for a phone just like an iPod… I wonder if the 6681 is a better deal… Where can I find a buyer for my shuffles and mini…


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