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MacWorld interviews Steve Jobs during Apple Expo Paris and talks about why Apple is so tightlipped when it comes to new products launching and on why the iPod seem to dominate the market. The interview also covers what Steve Jobs thinks about the Motorola ROKR and about the reports that Microsoft and Creative have beaten Apple in some patents (he calls those reports as ‘lazy reporting’, by the way.)

Will there ever be a video iPod? Not in the near future. Jobs says that even though videos are indeed avaible for download in iTMS, there is still little incentive for people to watch video on a very small screen. The idea is nice but it all goes back to user experience, one of the things Apple always takes into consideration when designing a product, hardware or software. It is also one of the things Apple’s competitors always seem to forget.
So, who’s afraid of Steve Jobs? The companies whom Jobs steamrolled over with the iPod. Even though he has denied that a video iPod is afoot, competitors are not taking any chances and are releasing their own video devices.

The Guardian Unlimited also interviews Steve Jobs during Apple Expo Paris and asks what other new things can the public expect from Apple.

Apart from nano – which, as a replacement for the best-selling iPod mini, is a major move for the company – Apple’s cupboard is fairly bare. It is a low point in the product cycle, with much of the behind-the-scenes work focusing on the Intel-based computers due next summer. But new iPods are on the way, and Jobs promises “a lot of new things in the pipeline”.

The drama that’s unfolding between Jobs and the record labels and iPod competitors is likened to a high-stakes poker game, and Jobs is holding the royal flush for now. According to Jobs, real winners don’t just enjoy the breaks but they exploit them as well. He admits that there are world-class competitors that are out trying to kill Apple but adds that so far they are not doing a great job.

In another article, Mr. Jobs is determined to repel what he calls ‘greedy’ record companies who want to charge more per song downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. Record labels say that not all songs are created equal. Some should cost more while some should cost less.

Jobs doesn’t want to increase the price of songs available in iTMS because according to him once that happens people will turn back to pirack. But the music companies aren’t buying it.
In response, a record label executive calls Jobs’s stand as unfair and a ‘double standard.’ The executive said that Jobs wants to maintain the $0.99 per song pricing so that Apple can sell more iPods. So even if Apple isn’t making that much money from iTMS it sure is making up for it in iPod sales. Some commented that the fixed priced scheme in iTMS is unique since nowhere else are different products priced the same. Some surmised that if record labels want to have variable pricing then why not sell old songs at $0.79 and the latest at the same $0.99. But that’s not the way they want it. The latest and more popular songs should sell more than $0.99 according to some record labels. Rumors have it that prices for the latest releases to start at $1.49 and go as high as $2.49. It would seem the record companies would like to kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs. For now, Apple is the king of the hill, the top of the heap with the iPod + iTunes + iTMS seamlessly working together.


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