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“The impossbile is possible.” So states the iPod Law according to Pogue. “Apple’s iPod music player and iTunes music store may have 75 and 80 percent of their worldwide markets.” But according to one analyst no one can sustain an 80 per cent marketshare. Pogue says that it’s correct. “Apple’s market share won’t stay at 80 percent. It’s about to go up.”

Associated Press likes the iPod nano but takes a swipe at Microsoft’s DRM and doesn’t even bother mentioning any of Apple’s competitors. Ironically, the nano was the highlight of Microsoft’s Professional Developers’ Conference 2005. More earth-shattering is Gates praising Apple for doing a good job in the music industry.

News abound that the nano is selling well and demand is high. Australian IT calls it as the “little bar of techno-joy will be hard to beat for some time to come.” Jupiter Research thinks the nano has redefined a category and it has succesfully created a loud buzz all around. It would seem people everywhere are talking about it. Ozi reviews the nano, too. Ozi’s from Melbourne and participates in the AppleTalk forum.

It goes without saying that Apple’s comeptitors in the digital music player market are having a tough time and the nano won’t be helping them.

Will the popularity of the nano mean the end of hard-disk drive based players?

It’s been a week since the iPod nano was launched and already there are a slew of iPod nano cases already. There’s a couple from Speck, and… I gotta find more. Sorry.

Oh, yeah. The last but the not the least, ROKR still sucks.


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