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Nano peeks and reviews. Oh, yeah, the ROKR, too.

Apple posts video and images of the special media event launching the iPod nano and Rokr (among other things).

Mossberg thinks the iPod nano combines beauty and function. PCWorld’s first look, hands on, and random musings on the iPod nano. Who else reviewed the iPod nano? There’s iPod Garage and reports that the black and 4GB are the favorites early it the nano’s release. Playlist has its firt impression and review. Knight Ridder calls the nano as “the genuine iPod mini killer.” With the release of the nano and iTunes 5.0, PC World asks how are Apple’s competitors feeling?

Another first impressions from MacTeens but the New York Times is late in reporting.

What BusinessWorld thinks of Steve Jobs’s tiny but sure bet.

Aside from reviews, there’s also the dissected iPod nano and Jobs said it would have broken his heart if the debut of the nano was spoiled by rumor sites.

Important note: there’s no Firewire support for the iPod nano. Death knell of Firewire, you think?

Not all are singing praises for the iPod nano. Korean digital music player manufacturers are gnashing their teeth and shaking their fists at Apple for their low-priced nano. Not only are they going to have to compete in design and ease of use, they now have to compete in pricing. With Creative’s poor performance last quarter, it might just spell doom for them.

Experts are divided over the iPod phone hybrid. Apple Matters think that the Rokr falls flat but that the nano is going to be huge. However, USA Today and David Pogue seems to think that the ROKR is really nice.


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