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Hack your iPod, iPod shuffle stomps ’em, iTrip, iTMS charts, WMP encryption hacked, first Mac app from Google, rollable display, and EFF on DRM.

Engadget features a how-to hack the iPod firmware and change the all the graphics in your iPod. Be warned though, doing this hack might invalidate your iPod’s warranty.

The 512MB iPod shuffle takes 34.4% of the flash-based digital player market which puts it in first place. The 1GB iPod shuffle takes second place with 11.9%. This means Apple has taken 46.3% of the flash-based player stomping Sandisk, Rio (R.I.P.), and Creative Labs (leeches). With the news of a flash-based iPod Mini, Apple is making more difficult for its competitors. Unless, of course Creative finds a way to make Apple stop using “their” patent.

You got your self an iPod but it seems too… plain. Well, jazz it up with the different peripherals and add-ons. PCMag lists the top ten of itseditors iPod gear picks.

Griffin Technology has released an updated version of their iTrip. “The best iPod accessory” is reviewed by iLounge and given a “highly recommended.” But iLounge offers a caveat: the iTrip they reviewed might not perform the same as those that will be sold soon. It means that the iTrip you buy might be worse or might be better. Needless to say, I’ve got this in my sights, to compliment the new 20GB coloured iPod I’m eyeing. MDN and iPodNN

Apple has published the iTunes Music Store Charts where you can find the top ten singles and albums being downloaded by users from 20 countries. From US to the UK. From Japan to Luxembourg. When you head down to the iTunes Music Store Charts page you can choose between the top 10 songs or the top 10 albums. After picking your choice, you wil be taken to a page where the charts from all the 20 countries are displayed. If you ask me, this is a bit unintuitive, a bit of a far cry from Apple’s philosophy.

Not exactly news nor is it a good thing but a hacker has reversed engineered the encryption coding of Windows Media Player and a developer is going to port it to VLC so users won’t have to be forced to use WMP in viewing and listening to streams online.

Google has released its first application, GMail Notifier for Mac OS X. This program will let Mac users view messages without opening a browser, open Gmail in your browser without forcing you to log in again, and make Gmail your default email program.

Philips shows the future of display for mobile digital devices. Philips Polymer Vision Readius demonstrates the concept of rollable-display for the devices of tomorrow. The Readius is a prototype and Philips doesn’t plan to put it into production but it will be used to gauge the industry’s and the public’s reaction. This technology will make the gadgets smaller and more portable.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says that the Digital Rights Management (DRM) in songs bought from iTune Music Store (iTMS) is unfair and distributing and using sotwares to beat it is against your End-user License Agreement (EULA). I’m aso running out of acronyms here. Beat DRM with JHymn.


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