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Of lemmings, rays, props, and capitals

The Great High Lemming says the Microsoft wrote the first Mac OS. I wonder what’s he smoking this time?

Blu-ray strikes back.

Dell tries to make prop rejects for Battlestar Galactica with their XPS desktop and laptops.

Talking about Dell, here’s a funny look on how Dell might try to copy Apple’s marketing strategy after their XPS PCs.

BenQ, iRiver drops prices to compete with Apple. (WhAt’s witH tHis puttiNg a capTalized letteR aftEr tHe fIrst leTter?)


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It’s all about the money

Warner CEO has been unjustly attributed to have said that they plan to decapitate Apple’s iTune Music Store. Instead, this little news was attributed to a lawyer for the music labels. Warner = sharks = lawyers. I don’t see any difference.

Though the record labels think that Apple is being unfair, Steve Jobs still think the $0.99 pricing is perfect. Some people have called these record exectives as “ungrateful wankers.” Dvorak notes that the record companies are not fighting with Steve Jobs over the pricing out of pride but their ability to screw over artists. At least, other countries have iTMS. UK doesn’t. UK record labels aren’t helping, that bunch of ungrateful wankers.

And speaking of screwing, Ed “screw the nano but I mean it as a joke” Zander says that Apple will be building its own phone in the future. And not just any other phone, it will be a smartphone.

A blogger complains about how DRM doesn’t let him play music on his $20,000 sound system. This high-end audiophile likes to listen to 128kbps music files. Wow.

Why won’t Apple upcharge? Is it perhaps Jobs have solidified the iTunes Music Store’s presence with all the iPods sold, and with that what Jobs wants, Jobs gets? Maybe the $0.99 pricing is a bit unfair to the music labels, but there might also be a bit of truth when Jobs said that increasing prices would drive away customers and this would mean back to piracy for most of them.

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Windows’s messed up; scare tactics from Symantec; Mad as Hell; buy an iMac now and; Mossberg says

Windows is broken. Microsoft admits it. Their Longhorn is so messed up that they turned to Linux for inspiration for their Vista OS.

Symantec tries to sell their anti-viruses to Mac users by scaring them. It’s not working.

The “Mad as Hell” series was about a writer’s sojourn into switching to a Mac. It was viewed as being widely popular. As his final word, the writer gives out his final Recommendations and Total Cost of Ownership Analysis. It comes in PDF and Excel files.

BusinessWeek gives the new iMac a 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5 and recommends that anyone interested should buy one now rather than waiting for the MacIntels in 2006.

Mossberg says that when switching to a Mac it doesn’t mean you have to spend money for new progams all over again.

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Nanonews featuring Brasso

Some say that dogs are an girl-magnets (the human kind). But Dan Pourhadi has a better alternative. One that doesn’t need to be bathed, fed, groomed, or taken for a walk. More importantly, it fits into your pocket.

The iPod has become an instrument of transmutation; the transmutation of what Chris Howard of Apple Matters calls from external media. Though today, Apple is one on top, Howard warns that Apple should learn from the past in order to grow up to become the dominant player in everything not just in computers or digital music players.

Got scratches? Let Brasso fix it for you. (What’s a Brasso?) The screen issue, according to The Washington Post, is much ballyhooed. Ballyhooed or not, Apple shares continue to slide. Pogue thinks that the scratchable body is not that of the nano’s alone. He opined that all iPods have the same problem and wonders why 22 million people would even buy an iPod.

If you want to keep your precious iPod nano from scratches, you can try invisibleSHIELD, the full body protector.

The Motley Fool doffs its hat off to Apple by stepping up to the plate and offers nano customers outright replacement is they experience the LCD screen breakdown.

Nano users should thank the public avenger, fighting for the scratched and ruined.

The Wall Street Journal says that Apple has buckled under a ‘barrage’ of complaits. When they say ‘barrage’ they mean ‘hundreds’. Wow. Americans sure know how to use English.

Those iPod-wannabees are whining that Samsung has done ‘damage’ by selling flash memories to Apple. Samsung denies this.

The “Cult of iPod” book is out.

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Apple killed the iPod star

Apple has pulled the plug on the mini, the best selling iPod evar. Gone are the 4GB and 6GB minis. Why would Apple do this? They have killed their cash cow. But according to iPod Garage, with the death of the mini comes the rise of the nano. The writer surmises that Apple has researched an may have found out that most people carry about 500 songs in their digital music players. Not many people have 5,000 songs in their collection and hence the 4GB nano, as well as the 2GB version, will surely hit a sweet spot among consumers. The writer then proceeds to talk about the other products that were shown during the last keynote.

Apple has done the unthinkable, killing its cash cow and replacing it with something that fits the market even better. Apple is not going to be slipping from number one with this strategy anytime soon. iPod killers are going to have to do something drastically different to unseat Apple, and the big boys have no idea what to do.

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Nano screen problems ‘solved’

Less than a week after a website reported about the easily scratched screens and ruined LCD screens, Apple has released a response to these issues.

Regarding the ruined LCDs, Apple has said that there indeed is a problem but it only affects less than 1/10 of 1% of the total number of iPod nanos shipped and it is not due to a design flaw. Apple will replace units that are affected with this problem.

About the easily scratched screens, Apple says that the material used in the iPod nano is the same material used in the fourth-generation iPod of which Apple received no complaints. Apple also has received very few calls regarding scratched iPod nano screens.

I guess the scratched screen reports were indeed FUD.

Story in Macworld and MacWorld UK, quoted by iPodnn and MDN.

The author of the website http://www.flawedmusicplayer.com has removed the original content and is happy with Apple’s response. His message to his visitors?

What are you waiting for? Go buy a Nano 🙂

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Sony, Symantec

Sony has it bad. Real bad. They are slashing 10,000 jobs, closing down 11 of 65 plants, eliminating 15 unprofitable operations, and gets a Moody downgrade to boot.

Symantec calls Firefox as worse than Internet Explorer but security experts say Symantec is wrong.

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Of iPods and Phones and PDAs… and Google.

A Mac expert asks you, “Where’s your nano?”

Apple iPod division head thinks it’s better to keep the iPod and mobile phones away from each other. But CTIA I.T. Wireless and Entertainment Conference had the mobile iPod as one of the listed topics. However, there’s doubt that Apple will even dare bring out another iPod update this year.

Consumers are offered iPods and iTunes as incentives

Embolden by the success(?) of the ROKR, Motorola announced that the RAZR2 will have the iTunes software in it.

Palm has decided that their own OS sucks. So they will use Windows Mobile 5.0 instead in their new Treo 700. Good luck, Palm.

It’s Google’s 7th.

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Mac and Windows news

Mac mini update imminent. But Apple seems to have problems with getting Intel chips early.

UBS raises target price on Apple Computer and thinks that the nano could be the 2006 key product.

$500 reward for a Mac virus. But before that happens, a Computeractive writer thinks the Apple Mac is back and cites that Macs are safer than Windows when it comes to viruses, spywares, and other undesirables. The Boston Globe also has praises for the iBook, calling it ‘a high-grade noteboook at a mid-range price.’ The Grand-High Lemming announces that the features in Vista can be found in Tiger. So Windows users rejoice! You’ll be able to enjoy the things that Mac users would have been enjoying 18 months from now.

In the news, BBC removes Apple from their show. Well, the Apple logo, that is. In the show Spooks, the BBC has decided to remove the logo as this may very well be against the company policy of not favoring one product over the another.

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Screw the nano… or not.

Motorola CEO Ed Zander asks what does the nano do? Who needs 1000 songs in their pockets? So he says, “Screw the nano.”

Some would also seem to agree. AppleXNet asks why Apple would even kill the mini? The writer feels that the iPod nano is a step back. Why couldn’t Apple have imporved on the mini with new colors or a bigger memory? Some people are calling for new features not less features and more hype.

Motorola reacts.
Motorola says that Ed Zander was taken out of context by IDG News Service. Motorola said that the comment “Screw the nano,” was said jokingly and that Zander was smiling when he said it. He also praised Apple and the iPod. MDN

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