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iTunes 4.9!

In Steve Jobs’ keynote address at WWDC 2005, he said that there has been a surge in the popularity of podcasting and that Apple recognizes this phenomenon. He then demonstrated the upcoming version of iTunes (version 4.9) that enables users to get podcasts from iTunes itself, without having to use another application. He promised to help the podcasting phenomenon grow.

This Tuesday, Apple released an update to iTunes, version 4.9, as well as an iPod updater that lets iPods become compatible with the latest version of iTunes. And what does the latest iTunes do?

As he demonstrated at WWDC 2005, users are now able to use iTunes as a podcast downloader aside from the fact that there now is a directory in iTunes Music Store that directs you to a multitude of free and per subscription podcasts. One of the most prominent ones is Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code. Jobs attributed Curry as the father of podcasting and Curry had a warm, fuzzy feeling when Steve Jobs demonstrated the soon to be released iTunes 4.9 by using his podcast as an example.

The new iTunes is a blast to use. I don’t need to use iPodderX or Podder or whatever podcasting client is out there. I can simply browse the categories of podcasting of which ranges from science to technoogy, from comedy to sports, and then subscribe to a podcast and iTunes will look for the lastest available and download it. Of course, you can set iTunes to whether download that latest podcasts or do nothing at all. You can also adjust the frequency of which iTunes will look for new podcasts.

I still haven’t fiddled with the podcast option for my iPods. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I need time to play with it.

I suggest folks who have iTunes in their system and listen to podcast to download iTunes 4.9. It’s a blast!


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