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Businessweek MDN review gives the iPod shuffle 4 out of 5 stars while Fortune MDN says the shuffle “make the world go away.” David Kirkpatrick says that the iPod shuffle that was given to him offers an antidote to the continuous barage from his Blackberry, it lowers his blood pressure and soothes his frazzled nerves with music the envelops him like a cocoon.

With his 20GB iPod in his hand, Kartirk Subramanian of Chicago felt as he was transported to Rome, as he listened to the news of the death of Pope John Paul II. For that fleeting moment, he felt he was among the the throng in the Vatican hearing the sad news this with the help of the iPod. MDN has said the iPod has helped bring the world to people thru podcasts.

As he paused the podcast from Catholic Insider he looked around and noted the twentysomething guys waiting for a bus with the telltale white headphone cords coming out of their clothing. The ubiquituous iPod has indeed permeated everyone around Kartik Subramanian. He remarks:

You see them everywhere–walking down the street, doing their daily chores at the supermarket, running down the lakefront, biking, on the Red Line in the morning and the evening, waiting for their drink at the coffee shop–iPodders–each in their own acoustic world.

Like what David Kirkpatrick has said, the iPod does allow people to cocoon themselves against the distractions of daily life with their favorite music or podcasts.


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iPod mini autopsy

After seeing the iPod shuffle dissected, undressed, it’s now the iPod mini’s turn.

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Well, not exactly. More like laziness. My brain decided to take a leave of absence and I have been walking around for the past week or so with my head empty and my mind foggy. I just got back into writing something with Tiger streak. which is a collection of Tiger stories and articles throughout the net.

I’ll be doing more writing soon especially at PUGAD‘s blog. I’ve been remiss.

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iTMS turns 2

Today, the iTunes Music Store turns two years old. Starting off with 200,000 songs, it now has four times the number of songs. To date 350 million songs have been downloaded from iTMS. Spymac

Another story from Macworld

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Apple rises

According to Market Watch, Credit Suisse First Boston and Piper Jaffray are bullish on Apple. Credit Suisse raised its rating on Apple and piperJaffray is upbeat on Mac PCs and iPods. This is two days after American Techonology Research said Apple could be “yesterday’s news.” MDN

Perhaps Apple will sell more Mac PCs with the rumored Powerbook G4 2.3 GHz DP.

Piper Jaffray’s analysis of Apple’s data says that Apple might have sold 138,000 Mac minis, double to what was previously predicted.

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Oh, the irony!

MacDailyNews reports that a new campaign ad for Windows XP was actually made on a Mac. I downloaded the said campaign ad and it does say it was made in “Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh.” How ironic.

There’s another ironic ad this time from Sony. The ad is for their Viao line of notebooks. However, Engadget noticed that the guy with in the ad is actually using a Powerbook. The comments following the article have the people trying to prove or disprove if it indeed is a Powerbook. At the end of the discussion it is confirmed: it’s a Powerbook.

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iPod in the news

Unleash the music
Bob Pegoraro’s article 5 Ways to Unleash the Music in the Washington Post has five suggestions that will make buying songs online better.

Creative stumbles, fumbles
Creative’s earnings slumped 72% compared in the same period a year ago report says. This was supposed to have been due to lower income from investments and price cutting of their digital music players in order to compete with Apple’s iPod. Another article about this is in MacDailyNews and Yahoo! Finance.

The Cult of iPod
The cult of the iPod is growing. The word has spread and the temple of the faithful are those iconic Apple Stores where young men and women welcome visitors with shiny white and silver boxes in their hands. But this cult is only a part of the larger Cult of Mac.

BBC says that Italian philosopher Umberto Eco likened the Macintosh as Catholic and Microsoft PCs as protestant.

This report was found in MacWorld.

And it keeps on playing
Much to the chagrin of music executives. In 2002, when Jobs approached music moguls with the proposal of selling music online thru iTMS they hailed him as a trailblazer in the digital music industry. Two years and 350 million downloads after, the music executives are afraid that they have lost control of their music. Their main beef? Money. More precisely their inability to control the prices of the music being sold in iTMS. CNet reports.

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Is Apple going bad?

The Street reports that some analysts think that Apple has gone bad. American Technology Research thinks that Apple bore fruit and ripen in 2004 with its successful iPod. But Apple might start to rot from over ripening. Analysts sees three things that are signs that Apple is slowing down: decline in iPod sales prices; slowed down overall growth rate and; growth of competition. This year may be Apple’s last hurrah. Maybe not. We’ll just have to see. MDN

Aside from the the declining iPod sales and the slow down in growth, Apple also is becoming tarnished because of the legal tussle it is involved with several individuals and websites for leaking Tiger or information regarding products Apple doesn’t want its competitors to hear about. eWeek says that some Mac fans might be put off with the strong arm and bullying tactics Apple is applying to those they are tussling with. Applepeels also has something to say about the cracks that are supposedly appearing in Apple’s shiny image.

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While you were in the shower…

Things happen in the shower most of them on the kinky note. For me it is different. I’m not talking about a different kind of kinky but a different kind of ‘thing’. For some strange reason I find showering a time to think. Whenever I am in the shower the rest of the world seems not there, except when I am really in a hurry to take a bath then the shower is just that, a shower.

But when I have the leisure, the time, taking a bath gives me time to think. It is as if the warm water and the soap suds settles my mind into some kind of reverie.

Tonight’s episode of the Soap Suds Ideas was borne out of an episode from CSI. A scene where Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen) was told by Sofia Curtis (Louisse Lombard) that the magazines stacked on his desk were available online. Grissom replied, “When you read from a computer screen, you have to lean in. I like to lean back. Therefore, I prefer a hard copy.”

This made me think: why isn’t there an electronic device that has posed to replace paper books? There already are Tablet PCs but these things are heavy, cumbersome and too complicated. Then I thought of several things that would make an electronic book more acceptable.

First, it should be light. The person using the e-book shouldn’t develop cramps after 10 minutes of using it. In connection to this, the e-book reader can come in two sizes: pocket book and magazine sized (perhaps the screen is in A4 size).

Second, battery should last at least 6 hours and charges quickly. This is were Toshiba’s latest lithium-ion battery would come into play. I’ve been harping about the new lithium-ion which charges 80% of its charge in one minute. I really can’t wait to see this to start going into electronic devices like PDAs, notebooks, digital cameras and others.

Third, the device and the software simple. Let’s do away with making it into a game device, digital music player, e-book reader and camera device all-in-one. Just keep it simple. The software should be able to read PDF, text or Word files. I don’t believe in proprietary formats. It takes too long to catch on. If they do have a proprietary format they should at least allow other formats to be read. After all, PDF files are all over and it would be stupid not to use them. Maybe the e-book reader can also have a diary, address book and appointment journal but those are just it. No games. No multimedia applications.

Fourth, keep the controls simple. There will just be five buttons: menu button, selection/options button, select button, forward and backward buttons. That’s it. Do away with the idea of touch screen. It will make the device more expensive.

Fifith, develop a screen that looks like paper. What I mean by this is that the screen should reflect light the way paper does. There should be a backlight option for reading in the dark. Needless to say the backlight shouldn’t cause any glare.

Sixth, it would be preferable if the memory is flash-based rather than hard-drive based. After all there already are 2GB flash memory out there. Maybe the reader can also have a slot for memory cards. Of course there’s going to be the problem of which card to support. I won’t get into that. It gives me a headache.

Lastly, the miscellaneous things. It can either be charged using its own cradle or just an AC adapter. USB 2,0 ports, and perhaps Firewire ports as well, should be provided as well. The USB port can be used to sync data from the PC, data such as appointments and contacts.

That’s my idea of an e-book reader. I’m sure something like this will be made soon, perhaps 5 to 7 years from now. But til then, I’ll be in the shower thinking and dreaming up new things.

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Shuffle’s secret

I’ve posted Bill Machrone’s analysis the performance of the different digital music players last March 17. He used the following digital music players: iPod Shuffle, Zen Micro, Dell DJ 20GB, 15GB iPod (3rd Generation), and iPod Mini.

The aforementioned web page was just a companion to his article in PC Magazine entitled Shuffle’s Got a Secret. The article just summarizes his findings with regards to the bass perfomance of the hard-drive based iPods versus the shuffle. The accompanying web page just goes into the details of his tests.

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On July 21, I moved my blog to its own server.

So www.davaomacuser.com no longer points to davaomacuser.wordpress.com.

I've already got a few new posts over there so please join me at www.davaomacuser.com.

See you there. Thanks!

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