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FireWire backfire

I mentioned in my previous blog (New iPod photos and iPod minis) about the new iPod photos and iPod minis and they don’t include a FireWire cable in the package.

This exclusion didn’t go down so well with Mac users. They feel that Apple sold out.

Daring Fireball talks about the reaction of some in the Mac community and why they reacted so.

From “FireWire hysteria“:

The big hubbub over yesterday’s revamped iPod line-up is that FireWire cables are no longer included as a standard part of the kit; only the USB cable is included by default. That’s not to say the new iPods don’t support FireWire, however — they do, just like always — it’s just that the FireWire cable is now a $19 accessory.

This has raised the hackles of some Mac users, for several reasons. Mostly, however, it is a symbolic slight, in that it indicates that Apple is no longer interested — or at the very least, not as interested — in making the Mac iPod experience better than the Windows iPod experience.

Though the mini is cheaper, Mac fans reasoned out it wouldn’t have made much difference to Apple if they included the FireWire cable. Doesn’t it?

The original 4 GB iPod Mini cost $249 and included a FireWire cable and AC adapter; you can now get a new second generation 4 GB iPod Mini for $199, a FireWire cable for $19, and an AC adapter for $29, for a grand total of $247. (Or if you just want the standalone AC adapter, you can get the USB power adapter and forego the FireWire cable, saving $19.)

So, DF shows that the price cut can be attributed to the FireWire cable and the adapter being sold as a la carte, as DF puts it.

Daring Fireball’s last comment goes:

Symbolism aside, this FireWire cable issue is not a big deal. It’s not a technical change, it’s a marketing/packaging change. Ina Fried’s report on the issue for CNet News is getting lots of play, largely due to its sensational headline: “Apple Takes a Step Away From FireWire”. A more accurate headline would have read, “Apple No Longer Includes FireWire Cable in iPod Box”.

Mac fans feels that Apple bent over to accomodate the millions of Windows users. But from Apple’s perpective, they are just doing what any company would do when it wants to dominate an industry.

Samsung, Creative and the rest of the digital music players better watch out: Apple’s ready to take a huge bite at them that’ll leave them bleeding.


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